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New Year Gratitudes, And, Blaming Is a Form of Control.......... 1/1/15

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    I can't think of a better way to start the year: with gra-titudes.  How was the beginning to your new year?  I am curious where this year will take me.  Last year was excellent.  I believe this one will be even better.
      Can you join me in
2015 by sharing three gratitudes a day?  They don't all have to be posted here.  But it would be nice reading some of them.

      You might want to keep a gratitude journal.  Can you imagine what it would look like to have to have 1,095 gratitudes in your journal, at the end of the year?  Yes, that's the number you would have if you wrote three a day.

 Gratitudes for January 1st:
1. Peace of mind.  I have it.  It is a result of where I place my focus. It's a fruit of recovery, too.
2. Today, I worked with someone who makes sessions difficult and unpleasant.  I calmly stood my ground.  I mentioned that blaming others is a control pattern.  It helps the blaming person  to feel more in control. The problem is, we are not facing reality.

   I also shared that we aren't taking responsibility for our contribution to the problem. Blaming keeps us in the victim posture. It is a way where we try to prevent ourselves from being hurt again. We think if we don't trust, we can't be hurt. Not true.

     I am grateful for maintaining integrity with my values, even though my client strongly pressured me to recant.
3. Today, I faced my fears, making a call I was avoiding. The response I got was not what I wanted.  I  even need to make a followup call regarding this matter tomorrow.

    I am glad I took a deep breath and called. I stood for my values, not giving in to intimidation.  In a few days I'll know the outcome of my stance.
4.  For the next three months I am getting additional training.  Can't wait.  It will take me out of town---to Sebastopol.
How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes? 


Thumper said...

Hello Pablo,

Here are my gratitudes from 2014...

1. I am grateful for continued growth and recovery.
2. I am grateful for all of the people that are helping me in my growth (even the difficult ones who are actually my most valuable teachers).
3. I am grateful for Alanon and Alanon friends.
4. I am grateful for my amazing, loving and supportive husband and kids.
4. I am grateful for P.F.
5. I am grateful for the opportunity to take a much needed mini vacation with my family.
6. I am grateful for healthy and healed lungs!
7. I am grateful to have two loving and hysterical pets and for their unconditional love.
8. I am grateful for D.A.
9. I am grateful for my father's gift.
10. I am grateful for the journey I have traveled so far. I am learning a great deal about myself in the process.

Pablo said...

Hello Thumper,

I apologize for not replying sooner. My computer is broken. I'm using my phone to comment.

It must be exciting, witnessing so much growth in your life. I am happy for you, that you have found support through Al-Anon Family Groups.

I am thrilled with your list of gratitudes. This is by far the most I've ever seen anyone list for one day. I love it! What a way to start the new year. :-)

I'm trusting this year will be your best, ever, that you will find yourself getting stronger, that the vulnerable parts of you that once troubled you receive the healing you deserve and want.

The Innkeeper

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