Tuesday, January 20

Discipline + Compassion = A Fantastic Life..... 1/20/15

Tuesday Gratitudes:
1.  I did what I didn't want to do.  Good.  That's discipline.  It's been awhile since I've posted the related quote below:
Working diligently, in areas where I don't want to spend my time maintains ongoing growth for my character, contributing to the wholeness I enjoy pretty much on a daily basis.
2.  I saw a film: Blackhat.  Good
escapist film.  A nice change of
intensity for my work week.
3.  Cried today.  Wonderful tears, healing tears were shed.  With a client, I took on the role of his father.  I apolo-gized on behalf of all dads for the mis-treatment and lack of love he received while growing up. Within seconds, the client used tissue paper to stop the fountain
flowing from his face.  He listened to what he wished he had heard as a boy, from his father, now deceased.

      As I spoke, I wept, too. Compas-sion put me in touch with his pain, espe-cially as his face wrenched, as I touched upon old wounds. We con-cluded our session with a big hug.  As he drove to work, he called me. He let me know a big weight was lifted from his soul.

     I love the work I do, the privilege I have helping many.

How About You? 
What are three gratitudes you have for today?  Please share.  When you do, it contributes towards the community we enjoy here. 


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Innkeeper,

I can barley keep my eyes open, but after reading your inspiring post I feel I can't go the land of nod with out first dropping off my gratitudes...

1.I'm grateful for prayer.I prayed today,a simple prayer. I asked God that I needed His help.I hadn't even finished when my phone rang...I'm not kidding... God showed up in the form of a very good friend... my prayer was answered. I'm still in shock... but very happy!

2. I'm grateful that I had could buy some books at work today!

3. I'm grateful for friends, movies and lots of laughter!

Jane G. Yorkshire

Pablo said...

Hello Dear Jane,

How has your relationship with God grown, in the past year? What has helped you to grow spiritually? What were the books you bought? You have me curious.

What is it about movies that you like? What needs are met when you see a film? For me, films provide a break from the intensity of my week.

Thank you, for posting three gratitudes. As innkeeper of this inn I award you with the Attitude of Gratitude Award for the first half of this MONTH! I appreciate your visits, especially your gratitudes. I am happy that you find inspiration here.

The Innkeeper

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