Sunday, January 25

Family Time........ 1/25/15

      How was your day?  The focus Sat-urday was entirely on my oldest son's birthday.  We went to Fenton's Ice Creamery for lunch and desert.  Follow-ed by bowling in Alameda.
      Afterwards, we rested, taking in a wild movie.  The day was completed with
dinner in Union City, discussing business ideas for two hours, something we love doing. I know, you think we are crazy.

Saturday Gratitudes: 
1.  Time with family.  It was terrific, sharing the day with others.  My heart widened, taking in the joy, laughter---celebrating life!
2.  For a letter I wrote the birthday person, revealing the impact he has had upon me.  I wept when I shared it with him while we were at Fenton's. The rest of the group were big babies, too. The Fenton napkins came in handy.  It uplifts my spirit, loving this son more than I thought possible.
3.  For sleeping in tomorrow.  I need rest.
4.  Two new books I received today.  Gifts.  I am thrilled.  The works of two authors I love.  I learn how to shape words from them.  I will devour these gifts on Sunday.
5.  For the wonderful sense of peace and the quiet joy I have when having a great time with family.

    I'm tired.  Good night.  Wishing you a terrific Sunday. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hope your son had an amazing birthday, Pablo! Books really do make the most amazing gifts, don't they?

Superman said...

I'm glad you shared a wonderful time with your son. Thank you Pablo for your service to humanity.

Thank you,

Thumper said...


It is so wonderful to hear that you have such a special connection with your son! I believe that your son and my 5 year old nephew have the same birthday! Ice cream, bowling, dinner and a movie-wow!!! Children are such a blessing and I feel so blessed to have mine. It is very clear how blessed you are my friend!

Pablo said...

Optimistic Existentialist/new husband,

Thank you for dropping by. There is something we have in common that I want to share with you, sometime soon. Congratulations on your recent marriage!

Wishing you a fantastic year!

Pablo said...

Dear Clark Kent,

It means a lot to me, your comments and the gratitudes you share here. I feels good being appreciated. Your sensitivity and thoughtfulness means a lot!

An appreciative innkeeper,
The Innkeeper

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

I like your encouragement, something I don't get much of, because people think I don't need it, being as happy as I am. It is wonderful getting it. The warmth and the connection I feel when receiving support makes my day. Nothing beats bonding with others.

Thank you, for taking the time to read and comment. My need for community and closeness are met when you do.

Wishing you strength and clarity of mind as you face your challenges. The good thing is, you are getting stronger. I see it in you, every time we interact.


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