Friday, January 23

Relating With a Controlling Person

       I am working on a project due tomor-row afternoon.  So, I am leaving only gra-titudes for tonight.  Please, let me hear from you.  I'd love reading what
causes you to give praise.

1.  I survived time spent with my most difficult client.  Forthright, I was. She did not like that.  Cowering is not my
response when with an angry person.
2.  Today I cried tears of joy.  I caught up with a friend, hearing his delightful story about a woman he fell in love with over the past two years and married this past December.
3.  I love my work.  It invigorates me.  It is a joy, serving others.
4.  I am getting to know someone new.  I am discovering he's controlling.  He is in for a surprise. Some people, including him, mistake kindness for passivity.  I'm not.  I'm confident, able to express my feelings and wants, when relating with anyone.

    My project prevents me from replying to three e-mails he sent me today, wanting me to do something on Tuesday.  I will get back to him, Sunday. It will be soon enough. I do not allow the urgent to overrule the important.

    As I have said before:


Superman said...

Dear Innkeeper,
I am grateful for

1. A wonderful counselor and circle of friends, who support and inspire me.

2. Moments of stillness through readings of a poet who speaks my language.

3. Leaving work as soon as I can, so I could go to a quiet lake and feed my soul with poetry.

4. Sensing God's warmth and love deeply within, and having a glimmer of appreciation for him creating me, this "still waters runs deep" kind of personality, that feels more than most people. I actually felt sorry for others who are unable to feel as much, causing me to have a deeper appreciation of God's unconditional love.

6. A wonderful conversation with my wife, that we hadn't had in years.

7. Warm tears rolling down my face all afternoon from actually having thought of myself for once. Amazing what a cup of hot tea and poetry can do for the soul.

8. An epiphany, noticing how my tears of gratitude was my body trying to catch up with this wisdom, this reality, the immensity of It all.

9. My wonderful eleven-year-old Golden Retriever, Bela, who wants nothing less than your affection.

10. Long, warm, hugs from my three boys.

11. Playing guitar with my oldest son.

Thank you,

Pablo said...

Dear Superman,

Wow. Double wow! I love it. Eleven gratitudes! Thank you, it means a lot to me: I feel encouraged, happy and lighter, because of them. That is perhaps the most I have gotten from any comments posted here.

What is it that you find valuable, when you spend time with your counselor? I bet you feel strengthened after spending time with your friends. What are the qualities you look for when selecting one?

I love poetry, too. I may post some of mine, in the inn. What do you think? Is there anything that helps you to know God's warmth and love? I ask because many would like to sense unconditional love, too.

Good for you, not just absorbing poetry with your head, but also with your heart. I am happy you are making the time to nurture you, preventing you from being in HALT.

It sounds like you are a very fortunate man, blessed in many ways. I feel good inside---warm---as I read what makes your heart sing. Thank you, for sharing your riches with us!

The Innkeper

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