Wednesday, January 28

The Benefits I Am Getting When I Visit Sebastopol.............. 1/28/15

        I didn't like my experience yesterday in Sebastopol.  Horrible.  The instructor, a psychol-ogist, corrected me for nodding my head.  That's right, for nodding.  "I imagine doing that is a
control pattern of yours," she said.  Geeze.

        When she declared her judgment, I did not nod, because I did not agree.  I gently shake my head up and down, when talking with someone else, because I am a supportive, affirm-ing person.  My nodding demonstrates my con-nection with whomever I am talking with.  Wow.  This workshop is almost becoming irritating.  It does not meet my need for support, connection, compassion, or sensitivity, in addition to emotional safety.

         Four times, when she made a point, last night, she nodded at the participants.  I imagine her criticism may reveal projections she is dealing with.  I didn't feel like pointing this out, each time she bobbed her head.  Perhaps I should have.  I guess I wasn't being honest.  (I'm joking, guys.)

         The fellow who criticized me yesterday, that I mentioned in this post also critiqued my smile last night.  That, too.  He was not sure if I was truly a happy person or if I was being phoney.

         What a lovely workshop.

          You ask what are the benefits of attending the workshop? How about these: 

1.  Attending is an opportunity enjoy the strength of my self-image.  It has been challenged each time I have attended. 
2.  I am learning how I do NOT want to be, when relating with anyone, especially clients. 
3.  It is allowing me to practice my autonomy, and adhere to my values and boundaries.
4.  It is an opportunity to practice patience.
5.  It is strengthening my ability to listen, even when I don't like what the other person is saying. This is embracing multiple perspectives.
6.  I am discovering the fun I am having, pretending I am a social anthropologist when I am in the lovely town of Sebastopol.
   a.  I am in a world different than mine.
   b.  I am being stretched beyond my comfort zone. 
7.  Regardless of the intention of this workshop---which I will endure for three months---each night I attend I get a routine dose of the negative feelings that judging, projections and negativity create when they exist in a relationship.

     This is causing my empathy to grow when I hear the disturbing times others have with controlling, critical, insensitive people.

How About You? 
What is your take on my experiences in this workshop? 

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