Sunday, January 11

Taking It Slowly 1/11/15

   How are you?

I'm not going to have my computer for a while. I'm writing this with my smartphone. I don't have a loaner this time.

     This weekend I was to teach, in San Francisco. Didn't happen.  I became
ill Friday morning and was sick throughout this weekend.    Seeing how I responded was encouraging.  I didn't get frustrated.  I took care of me.

       Which meant getting plenty of rest, sleeping more than I normally do. The first day my head spun like the rinse cycle of a washer machine. My blood pressure was tested. Not good. It dawned on me that a horrific session I had Thursday night was the beginning of a series of ugly events.

       I got a migraine Thursday night. Couldn't sleep and my blood pressure shot up like a flea trying to jump out of the jar.  I learned a good lesson. Even though I thought I responded well to a hellacious time with a client, my body still suffered from the stress.

1.  My Higher Power made me lay down. In reality, He shut me down. I sometimes don't have the common sense to know when to just stop and get off the bus busyiness.
2.  I had many things to do. And I did not take care of them. This is terrific. I'm learning to be flexible with
myself and not be so rigid. I'm a disciplined person, and it's important for me to hear God's voice, when I'm in the midst of a whirlwind of activities.

How About You?
What are your gratitudes for today? I love hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pablo,
I wasn't gonna write,but I changed my mind.How could I not leave my three gratitudes for today!Especially since the Innkeeper,manages to keep the Inn open even when his laptop is in the 'laptop hospital'!
1.I'm grateful for my counselor who is helping me see life with new eyes!
2.I'm grateful for my Al-anon buddy and laughing partner...Miss T.H.
3.I'm grateful all the wonderful literature that is showing up in my life.

Jane G. Yorkshire

Pablo said...

Dear Jane,

Thank you, for your gratitudes. Reading gratitudes from the guests of this inn makes my day and fulfills the vision for this place.

What are you able to see now, with your new eyes? I am happy you are experiencing growth. How is it, having an Al-Anon friend? What needs of yours are met?

How is the literature helping you?

A curious innkeeper,

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