Thursday, January 8

Grateful, Even When I Killed Something...... 1/08/15

       I am dead in the water. Again.  I killed my computer, dropping it last night. Today, after work, I took it to Angelo who is my angel when it comes to repairing it. So, I'm dictating tonight, using my smartphone.

1.  For disagreeing tonight with a client. Part of being an adult is that we can disagree. it is terrific having my voice, being heard. It wasn't that way
as a child.
2.  For the peace I felt, even when someone yelled and screamed today. Yeah, it was during my time with the same client.
3. For the support received this evening, after work.  I spoke with a friend about my eventful session. It is terrific, not keeping everything locked within my soul. It was healing, sharing with my friend what was going on inside of the innkeeper.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today?

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