Wednesday, January 21

Facing An Emotional Storm. What Allows Me Calmness When I Am In the Middle of It................ 1/21/15

      I am facing unpleasantness tomorrow.  It will be an opportunity to stand for my values, peace of mind, emotional safety, harmony and consideration.  If the person I see Thursday makes life difficult, I will no longer have this person as a client.  Placing principles above
personalities and compensation is the only way to go.
No amount of money is worth experienc-ing hell.

 Tomorrow's projected emotional storm is an opportunity to:
  a.  To respond and not react.
  b.  To speak my truth about what troubles me.  A chance to not be passive.
  c.  Use recovery principles. I will say what I mean, mean what I say, but not say it meanly.

  d.  See what I clearly want in my interactions with others and express what I shall not tolerate.
  e.  Develop my character. To maintain my policy of not accepting unacceptable behavior.
  f.  Clearly adhere to standards I have when relating with others.
  g.  Draw nearer to God.  Apart from applying God's strength, I cannot tolerate the stress, tension and outbursts I usually encounter when meeting the person I see tomorrow.

     When I reframe my experience with tomorrow's person---looking at the benefits of my time with her, as I written above---my attitude changes.  It removes the negativity I would feel, when looking at the difficulties and heartaches, when with this woman.

Wednesday Gratitudes: 
1.  Met with friends tonight.  It's good, connecting with others who are transparent, warm, caring and supportive, sharing a laugh with them, too. It's great having fun, enjoying spontaneity, not knowing how the evening will turn out.
2.  Tended to my priorities today.  I always accomplish more when I do.  It feels good, being effective.  Sorting through all the things that scream for my attention is challenge that forces me to focus, creating clarity out of a whirlwind of demands. The fruit of my efforts is that I enjoy peace of mind and order.
 3.  I am thankful for the strength I derive from my relationship with God and my Balcony/Safe People.  I would be unable to handle tomorrow's drama apart from God's grace and strength

How About You? 
a. What are your three gratitudes for today?
b.  Any suggestions as to how you related with difficult people, emotional vampires? 

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