Sunday, January 18

Knowing God, Is Better Than Knowing About Him................... 1/18/15

       Everyone encounters struggles.  If they have religious leanings---and God doesn't help---many curse His seeming lack of cooperation.  I have had disturbed clients use profanities towards God.  Not a good idea.  That's using God's name in vain, a violation of the Third Commandment:
 "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God's in vain."

      When wrestling with life, finding our emotions tattered, the ultimate answer is not information.  Tickling our brain, scurrying to find ideas that will solve our inner anguish does not help our problem with pain.  The best answer is God himself.  God revealing His presence to us.

      I am not talking about religion, making a commitment to good behavior, stopping drug usage, and attending our place of worship, for example.  That is not how we encounter a living God.  That is finding "church," "temple" or "mosque."  No amount of cleaning our act helps us discover a personal relationship with God.  It doesn't work that way.  Usually, nothing changes, if we use that approach.

      Over the past month I helped eight people experience a closer relationship with God.  It isn't learning about God and turning over a new leaf---trying harder.  Again, that's religion.  Where we try to be better, we use religious language and we attend a religious meeting to make us spiritual.

      As Albert Schweitzer said:
"Going to church [mosque or temple] no more makes you a Christian [Muslim or Jew] than standing in a garage makes you a car."
       No, it isn't about knowing more about God, going through religious motions or trying harder to be good, but knowing Him, personally.
Gratitudes for Sunday:
1.  I got my laptop back from the repair guys.  It was extremely hard, using two fingers to type on the tiny keyboard on my smartphone, for the past week, while submitting posts here for more than a week.  It was an opportunity to practice patience and perseverance, but I had enough.  I also enjoy peace of mind.
2.  I am pacing my body, including time for rest.  Ya ay!   It allows me to thrive.
3.  I am studying new material that I'll use with clients. I love growing as a person.
4.  I have been patient with myself.  I am driven.  I have been using gratitude number 2 above to provide the balance I need.
5.  I love having priorities.  They prevent me from doing things well that I shouldn't be doing.  It isn't so much doing the job right as it is doing the right job.  Effectiveness must precede efficiency.
6.  I do not allow the urgent but not important to overrule the important but not urgent.  I am grateful for perspective.
7.  I am taking steps this week with the most difficult client I have ever had.  I am reducing my time with her to twice a month, from every week.  If she continues with her irascible behavior, I will not be able to help her at all.  One form of underearning is to work with unpleasant people.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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