Tuesday, September 16

Staying the Course, Even When Pushed By the Strong Winds of Many Demands ......... ...................9/16/14

     "Morning by morning, new mercies I see, great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me."
      I added three new clients to my practice, having sessions with them today. This was on top of the clients I already see.  I also booked four new clients to see within the week.

      First sessions are hardest. Today's clients were
a delight, but the time spent took its toll.  Psst!  I am introspective.  Doing what I did today drains me.

      It looks like I will clone myself, soon. It is the only way to handle the added load of work.

My Gratitudes for  Today:
1.  Experiencing balance, even while navigating a flurry of activity.  I am thankful for knowing equanimity while riding the tsunami of a thriving practice.  My inner peace is the result of applying healthy principles in my life, making sure I take care of myself, not living the life of a martyr.
2.  I had a long sought for conversation Saturday, with the qualities listed to your right.  It had been nearly a month since we visited.  Too long.  I expressed my wants clearly.   Soon enough, loose ends to this relationship will be resolved, granting the peace of mind I need.
Jean DeBruyere
3. I saw a movie, The Giver.  It was wonderful taking a break from the normal intensity I have  because of my profession. It was good having fun, relaxing with a friend.
4. Discovered an organization I have worked with is rife with gossip.  That puts the hair on the back of my neck on end.  I am taking steps to express my displeasure, voicing the need for emotional safety, ease, honesty and integrity.

     I was saddened hearing that a professional tries using gossip to motivate others.  That is unacceptable and only decays the organization he oversees.
5. Making phone calls.  They wear me out.  I put myself out there, when on the phone.  It is challenging, I learn a lot about the inner me, when making business calls. What motivates me is seeing the impact I have on so many people, helping them have the Great Big Life they want and deserve.
6.  Soon, I will cycle in Alameda.  I miss my rides in that lovely town.

How About You?
How do you manage peace of mind? 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sounds like you've been incredibly busy Pablo with the new client load. Make sure not to neglect yourself whilst helping others, but I'm sure you know that. I really want to watch The Giver someday.

Pablo said...


Great to have you back. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. You are right, I need to keep a balance, otherwise I will burn out.

How is your study of German going?

The Innkeeper

Anonymous said...

I'm learning that doing things I like is a way for me to have peace of mind.Sounds easy enough but when I'm in the grips of Passivity... my number one default mode...I get stuck!!With the help of my counselor
I'm learning that getting unstuck is as easy as...
Calling a friend
Going for a walk
Playing my guitar, or
Going to watch a movie,just like you did!!!

Pablo said...

Dear Anony,

I agree with you. Life is about choices. We many not be able to control our negative circumstances but we can control how we choose to respond to them.

Seeing what we can do to take care of ourselves strengthens us. We are responding, not reacting. We are taking back our lives.

Thank you for sharing. I hope to read other comments from you, soon.

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