Monday, September 15

Eighth Characteristic that Prevents Having A Healthy Relationship..... .................. 9/15/14

At this age it is okay, wearing a cape.  Any
 older, it isn't advised to be a constant rescuer
     We have looked at factors that make us choose unhealthy relationships. Next is number eight:

    Our need to fix others becomes our fix.  We binge on helping others as an alcoholic binges on drinking. The problem with this type of relationship is the lack of balance.  I frequently relate with people who expect me to be available at all times.  When I cut off a
conversation, they take offense, even though the conversation has been lengthy as it is.

     I was not put on this earth to constantly serve. If I don't take care of my needs I will have nothing to offer, when I do help.  What allows me to separate from constant service is detaching with love.  Part of life is for the vulner-able to experience their challenges, being responsible for themselves.  There are lessons they will only learn by processing life's difficulties. Realizing there is only one God and I am not Him provides me with the sanity to see this fact and step away.

    If we are not careful, needy people will deplete us of our energy, our reserves.  Our emotional and physical love banks will go dry.  Unchecked, they become unsafe people.  Besides, God wants me to have enjoy life, not be a constant slave, neglecting self.

    Usually, we learn rescuing early in life.  Frequently we related with others who were needy.  The truth is that we must live our lives.  It isn't our obligation to remedy all the problems others have.

    We get what we tolerate.  It is a form of abuse giving people a sense of entitlement---that we will always bail them out.

How About You? 
Who do you need to stop rescuing? 

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