Saturday, September 27

Being a Zombie............ 9/27/14

      How are you?   Me?  I was a zombie Friday.  Could not see straight by the end of my work week.  Muddled thinking, incapable of studying---a rarity for me, an epistomophiliac.

       Even though I am happy, I was good for nothing by five o'clock yesterday.  Ended my week seeing five clients Friday, three via Skype.

      Today, I slept for

ages.  I got up for an hour at nine this morning.  This, after eight hours of sleep. Highly unusual for this innkeeper who doesn't sleep much.  Cream of Wheat, with toast and
turkey bacon was had for breakfast.  Then, still being foggy, back to bed, sleeping until 4:30 p.m.  Wow.

      That's not all.  I awoke for an hour and a half and.... you guessed it, dozed off until 9:45 tonight.  Never done that.  Ever.  But I feel great now.

      My head is unclear when exhausted.  Did you know why we breathe heavily when we sleep?  Oxygen relaxes our brain.  My brain had not relaxed much, the past few weeks. You can guess why. Thursday night, I went to bed at 5:00 a.m., Friday morning.  From 6:30 p.m. until that early hour, I worked on client files, determined to get them done.  Didn't.  I awoke at 10:00 that morning.

      I have been mentally and physically stretched in more ways, and at greater lengths, than a pair of nylons worn by an elephant.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  Sleep.  Thank God for it. While sleeping my dreams had British humor. Loved the entertainment, it was visual too.  Listening to the screams of my worn out body and mind, I took care of them, providing the balance, comfort and rest needed that allows me to thrive and enjoy life.
2.  For writing.  It provides clarity.  It empties out my mind of thoughts and dreams percolating within.  This week I scribed Stages of a Relationship.  I alluded to principles captured there in this post, that article has taken my readership by storm.  (This last phrase was originally a military phrase, by the way.)
3.  For recently writing Healing Core Wounds and Beauty Behind Power Struggles, material to be used with clients and in future talks.  I spilled out on paper ideas stuffed within my mind, relieving it.  Through writing, I leverage this info, plying others with relational exercises that improves their connection with dear ones.
4. For my profession. I enjoy making my life count through serving others. I tend to roses that have been burned and browned by strife. I help clients re-bloom, they learn how to become victors over any blockages they face.
Sir James Jeans
5. For patience and perspective.  This week led me on unexpected detours.  I didn't resist.  I had equanimity, going along as my life was redirected. Each detour provided respite during a very busy week.

     I better go.  I have some monthly charting to do.  Really.  :->
How About You?  
What are your three gratitudes. I haven't heard any in awhile.  I would love reading yours. 


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Innkeeper,
I'm glad to hear that you're not a Zombie anymore.I'm also glad that you got all that must have needed it!And what really made me laugh was'the Elephant and the nylons' really have a way with words.I also chuckled at the thought of...while you were sleeping your dreams were invaded by the British!Ha,Ha,Ha!!!

My gratitude's
1.I'm grateful for my three older sons who put their hard earned money together to buy me a laptop for my birthday.A total surprise!But, it's not the laptop that fills my heart with joy,it's their thoughtfulness!

2. I'm grateful for the people in my life who support me as I strive to find my voice.

3.I'm grateful that I have been introduced to Al-anon Family Groups.

Jane G. Yorkshire


Dear Innkeeper, did your British humor dreams have Spanish accent?
Its a joke!
Please take care of yourself, don't overdo it!

Pablo said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you for your concerns. Of course you from Yorkshire would appreciate my mind invaded by British humour (deliberate spelling).

You must have felt loved and valued seeing your sons' thoughtfulness, that they loved dear old mum. What needs of yours does it meet for you?

A curious innkeeper.

You are fortunate, having others who are there for you, in your time of need.

What do you value about Al-Anon Family Groups? What needs of yours are met when you attend?

Pablo said...

Dear Dina,

Always good to see you. I will go back and reply to your answer to one a question I asked you, based on a comment of yours. I appreciate your visits.

You have heard me speak? Do I have a Spanish accent? (I do enjoy your humor, though.)

Wishing you a great week, one full of discipline and perseverance. Hebrews 12

The Innkeeper

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