Monday, September 22

A Grateful Innkeeper........ 9/22/14

My Gratitudes for Monday: 
1.  I enjoyed hours spent with someone special yesterday.  The companionship, compassion and emotional safety shared recharged me for the demanding nature of this week.  It was great being with  I was with someone whose grasp of life is beyond my abilities.  I am stunned when I am
with this person.
2.  Thankful I am for self-expression.  Serenity and self-respect are mine because I have my voice.  Saying what I want and expressing my feelings strengthens my confidence.  It also makes possible for things to improve.  If I say nothing, when something bothers me, there is no chance of life getting better.

    One of the joys of being an adult is speaking our truth, being ourselves. We can disagree.  We are not beholden to the expectations of others. We are true to our intuition and our inner voice.
"No is a complete sentence and I can refuse without explan-ation."      Hope For Today, p 220 
3.  I am grateful for empathy. This skill requires practice.  It helps me be more aware and conscious of what is alive within others. When I am comfortable in my own skin, I am able to be present when with others.

    A key point about empathy.  It doesn't mean agreement. We are simply being sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
4.  I deeply appreciate I am loved for who I am at this moment.  When with safe people, I do not have to perform, in order to be valued.  I am thankful for the freedom this gives me to be myself.  More importantly, it helps me be gentle towards myself.

5.  I receive gifts in so many ways.  A dear friend is willing to make big adjustments, so that we can have a better friendship.  This humbles me.  I plan on doing the same with this person.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to have friends where respect, warmth, and trust are hallmarks of what we share.

How About You? 
What are some of the great things you enjoy in your healthy relationships?

    May you have a great and grateful day.  I know I will!


Anonymous said...

I love the quote 'No is a compete sentence and I can refuse without explanation.'Hope for Today p.220
I love it because as I'm learning to have my voice these eleven little words teach me a truth I never knew before.As I put these words in to my head to replace the passivity that ruled within me before...I begin to feel a strength I never had before...My Voice!!

Jane G.Yorkshire

Pablo said...

Dear Jane,

Thanks for keeping me company. What needs of yours are being met, now that you are weaning yourself from passivity?

Do you feel more independent? You must feel good that you are living with more integrity and authenticity.

Kudos to you for your personal growth!

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