Friday, September 12

Taking Care of Myself............... 9/12/14

     Hello, I am grateful for those who post comments here. It means a lot to me.  I am burned out, after experiencing the most intense two weeks in years.  Heading I am, for

     I need rest to be ready for a looking-forward-to-visit taking place tomorrow morning.  I will write more, sometime soon, but, now is not the time.  I need to take care of myself.

Gratitudes for Friday:
1.  I celebrated time with a good friend I have known since I was twenty-three.
2   I had excellent sessions today.  I am glad I serve others, helping them have the life they deserve and want.
3.  Tomorrow will be a momentous day. Can't wait.  I also can't say anything at the moment because the person I am visiting drops by here.
4.  I value the support I get from others.  A community of friends support me.
5.  I discovered someone I trusted betrayed and gos-siped about me.  I am okay with his behavior, it allows me to know his nature. It says volumes about his character.  I am not saying I like his behavior or that it was acceptable.
6.  I was with one of my sons this week.  Our time was special.  The bond we have is priceless. The wisdom I gather from him is practical and spot on.  It helps me to grow.

      Good night, I will see you tomorrow. 


Superman said...

Hi Pablo!
Thank you for this short and powerful post. I had a long week of intense striving coming from fear and insecurities. The despair of strongly clinging to my negative or ideal, unrealistic beliefs because of my powerlessness as a child.
I've written a list of things that are right with me, not wrong with me. It takes a long time for me to research inside of me and look for the small birthday packages or Easter eggs that are already there.
I'm so tired of having to justify beliefs that were internalized from the outer world. We spend so much energy trying to uphold our beliefs. There is nothing noble in that. It's sad and tragic. It's tragic because the world misses out on our essence. Our gifts and talents that bring us connection and healing.
We have no right to deprive or withhold our beauty from others. By no means have I sustained or questioned my beliefs consistently enough, but I am a work in progress, and truly acknowledging myself, giving myself credit, in stillness is worth everything.
Here is my list:
1. I love people. I love seeing the potential in others, to see their gifts and talents.
2. I play guitar and enjoy it immensely.
3. I am a great father.
4. I enjoy walking/jogging/cycling.
5. I inspire students.
6. When I grew up with my family, we never had new cars. I always helped my dad fix our used cars (How kind of me.). I didn't have any knowledge of cars, before working on them. That was our time for connection.
8. I've helped my mother by taking her to doctor appointments and taking her out to dinners. How good of me to understand her need for companionship from her first-born child.
There are more little treasures in here. I'm going to keep looking...

Thanks, Pablo.

Pablo said...

Dear Tony,

I don't know what I did, but somehow I erased a lengthy reply to your comment that I wrote yesterday. I like how you portray your positive attributes as birthday packages and Easter eggs.

From your list, it looks like you definitely are creating a positive impact in this world, making your life count. How was it for you, that one of the times you connected with your father was while working on cars?

Thank you, for dropping by, reading and leaving your insights. It makes the work I do here worthwhile.

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