Thursday, September 11

Enjoying a Moment of Spontaneity.... 9/11/14

Patience is priceless. Patience can only grow through experiences that test
 it. So we should treasure the times when our patience is tried, and not im-
patiently seek to be rescued prematurely. Makethe most of it. Realize that 
God has a purpose and a plan that will work out for our best. If we choose
 the path of patience and trust, we will not regret it
 (Photographer's caption.)
        Nowadays, I pretty much go with the flow, letting the day take me where it will.  I've my priorities.  But when monkey wrenches are thrown into the mix of the day, I accept them and adapt.  Part of having a Spiritual Awakening is
enjoying moments of spontaneity instead of living by fearful control.

    A few years ago, I arranged to visit my son on campus at the university he attended.  I can't think of a better investment of time. Do you?  I didn't think so.

    After our lively conversation, my son went to class.  After seeing him off, I discovered an appointment with a client was rescheduled. I stayed at the Student Union where we had met, enjoying a rare moment to study.  It had been years since researching in a college setting.  It felt like home.  Texting my son, while in class,  I asked if he wanted to have dinner together.  It was on.

     It was encouraging watching him grow into adulthood, managing his priorities well.  I was proud of his character. That day, we communicated intensely. He a quick learner.  He used principles on me that I shared with him before he scooted off to class.  He hit me between the eyes with truth. I confessed my guilt.  I had been controlling in my conversation with him.

      I was wrong and admitted it. My worth was not based on what I do.  He loved me simply because of who I was, faults and all.

      I am tired.  I will rework this later today.

1.  Paths to Recovery, "Step 12," p. 119
Image: Cumbria: "Derwent Water in Rain"  by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

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