Thursday, September 11

Boundaries. Critical for Mental Health.... 9/11/14

       Boundaries.  They are a sanity saver and joy producer. I do not have boundaries for others to adhere to.  I have them so that I adhere to them.

        Without boundaries, life is
chaotic. Without them, my life would run by the whims of others.
 Without them, I would not have
dignity. I encourage friends and clients to create their must haves and can't stands regarding relationships. How can you know if someone has crossed your values, if you never created a list of your boundaries?


       Floating, thrilled, I am.  Today fulfilled my need for adventure, growth, vision and celebrating life.  I even took a two hour nap before attending a business meeting this evening.  Life is great.

       I eagerly look forward to Saturday. The best day of the entire month will take place then.  I think.
If not careful, I could be overwhelmed. Plenty is happening to the innkeeper, most all of it, good.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  I rested.  I can't thrive if I don't sleep properly.
2.  I learned so many excellent things from tonight's business meeting.  A key need of mine is balance. Those attending tonight's meeting helped to ground me, reminding me of this need.  I am grateful for seeing my limitations.  Seeing them helps my perspective, providing the clarity and peace of mind I need to thrive.  Tonight's meeting provided that for me.
3.  I will sleep in tomorrow. Later in the morning, I will spend time with a good friend, Stuart.

            That's it for tonight. 

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