Sunday, September 7

Three Things Necessary to Release the Inner You.................. 9/7/14

As I am more comfortable with my wants,
dreams and desires, I am increasingly able
to risk the disapproval of others. We become
                internally, not externally referented. 
      I got home from San Francisco at 9:30 p.m.  Barely able to keep my eyes open.  I am emotionally and mentally spent. Not one penny of energy remains within the innkeeper.

      I cried once while doing a session.  That will do me in, physically.  But they were good, empathetic tears.  I also got choked up again, while
nurturing myself, reading poetry to others, after today's last session.

     Anyone interested in seeing the poetic side of the innkeeper?  Let me know.  I will post some of my work here, if there is enough interest.

Seize the moment.  Enjoy happiness today.  All we
have is today. Tomorrow never comes. For when it
does appear, it is today. 
     I am happy, loving life.  It doesn't get any better than these gratitudes for this beginning-of-the-week day:

1.  I met many wonderful people over the weekend. The celebration of life, joy, honesty, authenticity shared among us increased my trust in mankind.

2.  I was privileged, experiencing several people baring their souls. (Mainly while doing nine sessions, when class was not in session.)
3.  Today, I met one chap from Oxford, England, in an elevator,  ending up having a session with him.  He suffers from anxiety and is experiencing emotional abuse while on vacation. His traveling companion is giving him a hard time.

     It was fun saying aerial  instead of antenna, skirting board instead of baseboard, flyway instead of overpass, bonnet for hood of a car, chuffed instead of using the word excited. I enjoyed him telling me the other fellow was dodgy and especially enjoyed ending our visit with him saying cheerio and my saying ta ta, when we parted.

    But the best part was, that within thirty minutes---the time I had before returning to class, it was lunchtime---we identified his need.  I gave him a tool that helped him regain his dignity.  Together, we practiced using it, four times.

Passivity kills having an amazing life.
Don't let that murder happen to you. 
4.  I heard from someone dear, receiving a letter.  My heart skips a beat when that happens.
5.  I am going to Europe soon.  I look forward to a momentous occasion that will transpire, when there.

Releasing the Inner You
    My sixth grati-tude is loving the strength and hope gotten when living a thriving, fulfilling, exciting and deeply meaningful life.  You can have this too. It requires:
    1. Trusting your dreams.
    2.  Courage to be yourself.
    3.  Doing the hard work necessary in order to release the inner you that you dream yourself to be. This requires removing the blockages that keep you from this goal.

   If any reader wants help with this, please contact me.  I equip people with tools to restore their self-worth and the confidence to reach their full potential.  You can reach me here.

7.  My need for connection, honesty and integrity was met this weekend, while relating with the students.
8.  I got caught up in horrific traffic this morning. There was a multiple car pileup on the Bay Bridge on my way to San Francisco. In other words, I was sequestered in a parking lot that took place on the freeway.
        It was an opportunity to practice patience. My spirit did not chafe because of the slow pace.  Using my phone and bluetooth, I booked appointments and contacted friends. I surfed the waves thrown at me, not resisting them.  I am grateful for having flexibility and equanimity when my character is tested.
9.  I have the joy of knowing someone who is extraordinarily amazing.  And this person loves me.  How can I be so lucky?

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?


Superman said...

Dear Innkeeper,
Thank you for sharing your powerful weekend. You are an inspiration.
Tony :)

Pablo said...

Dear Superman,

Now your identity is revealed! Wow. How are you encouraged by my postings? I am happy if I can inspire.

I appreciate you dropping by, reading and posting. Wishing you a terrific new week, full of hope.

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