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Still Learning, Revisited ................ 7/9/14

       I am re-posting this.  Many of you were not around when I wrote this nearly three years ago.  May it encourage and inspire you.  Here it is:

Innkeeper's update: This ts the number one post.  I'd love hearing your response. What helps you overcome fear? It would be terrific if we could help one another, sharing what works, when confronting the bugaboo of anxiety.

A New Truth Learned This Month: 
         Earlier this month,  I agonized over a business meeting that loomed before me. I was wrenched with fear.  I was to lay out information regarding my finances during our time together. 
         I felt like I was about to be displayed, economically naked, before the two who were meeting with me. I feared they might critical or unsupportive.  Not cognitively, but emotionally, I was disturbed.  
         I called others, receiving support.  I sought prayer and insight about preparing for the upcoming conference. Even while doing so, I knew what I would show them would be fine; I've been writing outlines as a professional since my twenties.
        The two I met in the conference were impressed with what I wrote. I figured that would be the case. I knew this fact even while I was viscerally gripped with apprehension.
         At issue was the hurricane of emotions that violently circled within the innkeeper. The semi-dormant beast of having had a perfectionistic, critical father was raising its head. The creature would return me, emotionally, to a nine year old boy, if I wasn't careful.
       I'm happy letting you know that the steps I took during the days leading up to the business meeting allowed me to subdue this beast that once terrified me. He won't bother me for at least for another month. I'm grateful for the respite. 
       Progress not perfection, is better than no progress at all, especially when we're trying to rid ourselves from unwelcome dragons that dwell within the closets of our soul. I've learned a new truth about personal growth, as I struggled with my feelings, earlier this month, even though outwardly I appeared calm.  During the wrestling match between my present and past selves, I focused on doing what I could, not one day at a time, but fifteen minutes at a time.
       I nourished my present, healthier self. This part of me was able to overcome the siren calls of the scarring, traumatic moments in my past that usually woos the weaker parts of me and awakens the fears that lurk within.
       I have believed recovery is a result of placing principles above the weak areas in our personality. Now, I know personal growth requires more. I'm learning to place principles above my fears, too.
       Regarding those who met with me: they were supportive, caring, open and enthusiastic about my presentation. They shared from their experience strength and hope; they offered excellent insight and asked outstanding questions that clarified what I want to do, to move forward, professionally.  
       Their affirming response was the opposite of my anticipated fears.
So, How About You? 
1. What dragons are you facing, currently?
2. How do you slay the dragons that live within you?
3. Is there anything you do that makes it easier to overcome them? 
4. Who are members of your supportive network?

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