Monday, July 14

Experiencing An Unpleasant Controlling Person................ 7/9/14

     Hi, fatigued, I am, seeing six clients today.  Great day, though.  Each session was glorious, all were a unique adventure, challenging my training, education and stamina.  I have the world's best clients.

       Yesterday, I wrote about someone trying to control me.  Wrong move.  I am not
codependent.  He demands a response, when I am not ready.  I listened to his voicemail.  In ninety seconds he tried nine different forms of manipulation.  Yes, a different way, every ten seconds.

        That let me know he is well-practiced in his attempts at manipulating outcomes. Well, he met his match with me. No, not that I am an expert at manipulation, too. I am his match in that I know verbal and emotional aikido, have strong discernment and have strong boundaries.

       All his efforts have increased my resistance, deepen the ill will between us, lessening, my desire to comply.  One basic right of an adult is making our own choices.  I do not yield to emotional coercion nor let others define me or determine my moods.

       I may write more about this when I am not exhausted.

 My Gratitudes:

1.  I love life.  I met with a new client today.  Delightful.  Wow, even.  It is encouraging being with clients who are authentic, immediately, as if we have known each other for years.  An initial session is always an adventure, requiring me being present.

     I do not have an agenda when with a client, especially a new one. Spontaneity reigns instead.  During the session, I uncover the outcome best for that individual, based on their needs, dreams and values.
2.  Someone was insensitive towards me today, wanting more from me when I did not have more to give, exhausted I was.  I was clear with him that his demands and lack of consideration of my welfare would not be tolerated.  I cherish boundaries.  They  allow me to say what I mean, mean what I say but not say it meanly. Boundaries provide order, eliminating chaos.  Living by them provides tranquility, ease and emotional safety.
3.  Today, a client gave two referrals.  I am grateful for reciprocity. I have helped this person, a lot. She returned the favor.
4.  I worked on administrative work this evening, though I was tired.  I appreciate the results I experience when I am diligent and conscientious about work I do not want to do.
5.  Sleep calls me. I am glad I am taking care of myself, getting the rest I need.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes? 

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Thumper said...

I am learning not to let others (even close family members)define who I am or determine my moods. Some days are better than others in this regard, but I try to remember "progress not perfection."

Dfine who iam and determine my moods

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