Saturday, July 26

A Lesson In Perseverance 7/26/14

     Saturdays can be a day of weariness.  I feel the weight of a busy, demanding week.  Serving others, dealing with depression, suicidal ideation, abusive relationships, OCD and anxiety takes its toll upon the innkeeper.

     Sleep seduced me.  I spent more time with her this morning.  Good.  A thousand pounds of
exhaustion pulled me into the mattress, almost breaking my bed.  It seemed that way.  I barely arose, when the day screamed for my attention.  Little did I know the demands I would face this evening.

     I met with clients today.  Not a common occurrence.  Work requires pacing myself.  I took care of myself in the afternoon, playing the guitar with a friend.  Actually I taught a lengthy guitar lesson. That was fun, tapping into creative parts of me that are often neglected.  Research and preparing for clients consumes my time, if I am not diligent about taking care of the little Pablo within.

     The day was full, with an unexpected twist in the evening.  I looked forward to attending a monthly event.  It would include hearing inspiring speakers.  I needed the lift, going with a friend.  The attendance was sparse.  Before the first person spoke, "Bob" who helped organize the event saddled up to my table.  You guessed it.  He asked if I would speak.

      I was not happy, resentful even.  I was peeved, especially since he greeted me an hour and fifteen minutes earlier.  He sat  at my table, while I ate dinner, chatting with me and my friend.  Not a word did he breathe about needed a speaker.  I have a need for fairness and told him so.  After being clear on this point, I agreed, asking for paper.  It was provided.

     While the other fellow spoke, I wrote a five point outline, along with nine references, an introduction and conclusion.  In the space of twenty-five minutes I was done.  My rule of thumb during crises is do my best, leave the results up to God.

      After being introduced, I strode to the microphone, notes in hand.  Within seconds I was fine, in my element.  I have been a public speaker for more than twenty years, since ten years old, when I ran for school secretary.  Later, I served in school government, speaking at assemblies. During my teen years through adulthood I have been involved in public service, requiring talks at least once a week, often before two hundred and fifty people or more.

    As I mentioned here, talking before others is like theater, which I did in high school.  Saturday night turned out well.

Gratitudes for Saturday:
1.  I rested by sleeping in. It allows me to think clearly.
2.  From a friend I received support.  I am thankful when that happens.  Being a professional caregiver, it is nice being on the receiving side.  She listened to me as I shared concerns that troubled me.  I appreciated her compassion.
3.  That years of research and outlining paid off tonight, when I did unexpected public service.
4.  From the feedback I got after I spoke, I am glad was able to encourage those who attended.  I am mindful of the quote from Emerson on your right.  If I can help others, then it makes my efforts worthwhile.
5.  That even though I forgot what was written in this space earlier, I did not give up. Determination and persistence is necessary to accomplish anything.
In the conflict between water and a rock in a stream, the water wins, not by strength, but perseverance. 
How About You?
When was the last time you were surprised?  For me, you heard mine: asked at the last moment to give a talk.  

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Thumper said...

It was kind and courageous of you to agree to speak at your event at the last minute. I recently received a less than ideal surprise. I am trying to detach from the situation and not let it define me.

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