Wednesday, July 9

Christmas in July....................... 7/9/14

      I am enjoying Christmas in July, brimming with presents gotten in different ways.  Receiving unexpected gifts from surprising sources, I am.  One is equanimity.  It is returning.  It took awhile for this to happen after moving several times in the last
few months.   I appreciate the greater ease, harmony, order and peace I once again know, now that my life is settled.  Like health, I did not appreciate equanimity until it was absent.  It went on vacation April 21st, returning only the past couple of weeks.

      Then, today, there was my friend Stuart.  He dropped by.  With a birthday gift in tow.  That was interesting.  My big day is in May.  He was busy then, but gave me something special when we visited early this afternoon.  And we played the guitar and sang.  Years ago, we performed together.  We are both lefties and connect by talking the same NF (Meyers-Briggs) abstract language.

      Sunday, I was gifted with loving support.  The innkeeper needed a listening ear.  I was frustrated, confused.  Being a professional caregiver, it is nice having someone spend time, listening to what troubles me.  I processed my feelings with this friend.  I appreciated the kind, caring help offered.  It's reassuring knowing others value me and want to help any way they can.
      Then there's a female friend who has fallen for me.  In fact, the first time we were together, she greeted me, totally undressed.  Her hair is white, I overlook that: she's still attractive, cute even.  As we have gotten more personal, I've discovered she snores.

      I can't believe how much she loves me.  The funny thing is that when she sees me, she runs towards me, wanting affection.  If I ignore her, she cuddles close to me, wanting attention.   Her name is Precious.  She's the cat I share a house with.

      I love the gift of fun I have with her.  The companionship and closeness shared makes my place a home.  Right now, she's curled up at my feet, snoring, while I type.

     Another favor has been playing the guitar with someone else.  I am teaching guitar lessons for someone who isn't a beginner.  The music we play is uplifting, inspiring, feeding both of our souls.  Playing music, and getting into it, creates an aliveness that can't be known any other way.

     Seeing the smile my guitar partner has while playing is heart warming.  I am exercising my vocal chords in ways that have been dormant, too long. Several years.  I used to perform professionally.  I wish I had a piano.  It was my first love.  Still, I am thankful for performing music. It is a form of celebrating life.

     My life is rich, filled with joy and happiness.  One thing that allows it to have these qualities is Wednesdays. In the evening I receive the gift of community.  Authenticity, people talking from their hearts, not their heads.  There is openness, humor and emotional safety, when we gather.

     A jackpot of insight, growth, solidarity as well as presence and transparency overflows, when we meet in Alameda on this night. My soul is enriched.  This meeting is a regular gift that keeps on giving, ever week.  I count on it.  It has not been let down.

     Quiet Time, time spent between God,  is the source of many gifts.  This time armors me for the slings and arrows that are part of each day.  It fortifies me for the pressures and persuasions that want me to surrender my values and serenity.

     Lastly, the greatest gift has been spending time with an exceptional person.  Communication, appreciation, closeness, reciprocity, mutuality, self-expression, stimulation and understanding takes place, when we visit.  I have ideals.  I am also realistic.  In this relationship, these two qualities merge.  What I dreamt was possible, is occurring.  A reality, it is. And for that, I have an Attitude of Gratitude.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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