Sunday, July 13

An Outside Source is Trying to Control The Innkeeper ...... 7/13/14

I am not a puppet
         I am feeling the effect of a force trying to control me.  No, I am not assaulted by the telepathic powers of an alien from outer space.  Such a creature is not applying supernatural powers, to sway me, mentally.

         No, it is an everyday person who cannot handle the word "no."   Numerous times, this individual has applied different approaches to get my attention and coerce me into following his agenda, do his bidding. That is being controlling. This fellow is crossing boundaries.  I don't care for it.  He is not respecting my right as an adult.  I can disagree, free to make choices, whether he likes them or not.

          I am glad I am not codependent, otherwise I would yield to the pressure, doing something I don't care to perform, to please someone I don't know, who doesn't care about me or my values.

         Boy, is this person making a mistake using this approach to motivate me. Being emotionally coerced doesn't work for me.   I need to be respected.

My Gratitudes:
1.  I do not surrender to emotional bullies.
2.  I appreciate the discernment I have. Not all people are equals. I steer clear from those who do not consider my values, who try overruling my life, by not noting what I want nor my feelings.
3.  I am thankful for boundaries. They allow me to live with sanity, order and ease.

I'll write more later today.  I am tired, needing to sleep. I will see you after I get rest.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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