Tuesday, July 1

The Antidote to Brittleness and Sharing a Room With a Lion......... 7/1/14

      Frustration reigned early this morning.  I wasn't happy.  But, life happens. The key during such times is responding, not reacting.  Key.

      I kept my presence of mind, regarding this opportunity to practice patience and breathe deeply.  I added a new resource that solves this morning's problem, I hope.  It is important thinking out of the box.  That is the difference between being a manager and a leader.  I am not a manager.  A manager arranges his priorities over
what is.  Bad idea.  That leads to ossification, simply maintaining the status quo.  That is not much different than living in a rut.
What man should fear is not death.  What man should fear is never beginning to live.    Marcus Aurelius
       A leader arranges his priorities around where he wants to go. That's me.  A leader takes others where they have never been before.  This demands vision.  As a leftie, that is easy for me and helped me to overcome a problem I had for two hours, at the beginning of the day.
An optimist sees the opportunity in every problem. The pessimist sees the problem in every opportunity.  It is the optimist who will soar.  While the pessimist will try clipping the optimist's wings, to prevent him from flying.   Winston Churchill
       My thinking is global and visual.  My profession is all about vision, helping others accomplish their dreams and experience strength and hope as they have never known before.

My Tuesday Gratitudes:
1. Not letting setbacks affect my mood.  I appreciate the peace that fills my soul, at all times, even when facing aggravating circumstances.  Today was an opportunity to be gentle towards myself, being calm and tranquil, when I felt anything but.
2.  For resourcefulness.  I will try again what was not possible today, tomorrow.  I like being forced to be creative.
3.  I have been relating with a lion.  What a relief.  I have had intense sessions with this client.  Many times I felt like firing him on the spot, when we met.

      I would take a deep breath, enabling me to see the big picture.  He is a severely wounded individual, needing grace from this writer, while calmly maintaining clear, firm boundaries.

     Our sessions are improving.  Making me a happy innkeeper.

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Thumper said...

I like what you said about the differences between a manager and a leader. So very true.

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