Thursday, July 31

Banishing Angels, Receiving Care, Singing, Enjoying Authenticity, Being True to My Values

       The innkeeper is tired, needing a break.   Rest is demanding my attention.   Tonight, I shall bed at an earlier hour---for me.   An important appointment awaits tomorrow.   At my best, I want to be.  I eagerly anticipate the visit, the most important of the entire week.  Tomorrow includes three additional clients beyond my normal schedule.  Busy, I will be.

   What am I thankful for? How about this?
1.  I had a two friends hear me out today, at length. One spent time with me in the afternoon, the other, tonight, when I got home from work. The care and companionship they offered helped me relax, feeling loved.
2.  I cleared out a storage unit I was renting.  Saving money is always good. The physical exertion was terrific too.  I needed it.  My work has its stress.  Hefting boxes was a practical way to discharge it.
3.  Last night I played the guitar with someone new.  I enjoyed sharing songs with him that he didn't know, as he played along.  It was nice, singing, too. I even shared a couple of songs of mine.
4.  I gathered with friends who are authentic, genuine, last night.  I love what each person said. No one dominated the evening.  I appreciate the rarity that this group provides. No one spoke from their head.  Everyone spoke from their heart, being present with those there. They didn't try to:
a.  Manage other people's impression of them.
b.  No one tried asserting control, by over-talking, or managing the outcome of the conversation.

      Instead, they said what was alive within them.  It gives me hope for the human race, being with people who can be vulnerable, yet stay in the solution.
5.  I will talk with a loved one soon.  I am eager to discover the outcome of our time. Our times meet my need for compassion, and self-expression.
6.  I am happy seeing someone getting stronger, less passive.  She has a cheating husband who has no conscience, and wants to continue his infidelity.  She stood for her values. Her abusive husband got angry, instead of apologizing for violating his marriage vows. What nerve. Creeps like that pollute our society.  I don't apologize for making this statement.  I don't mind taking a stand for the family and marriage.
7.  I used tissue paper, the kind for gifts to banish more than twenty angels from my house.  They were consigned to five cardboard boxes.  I am not done with this project.  Progress, not perfection.  But enough is enough.  I inherited multiple porcelain angels when moving into my house in June.

     It's great reducing clutter, it provides greater clarity, more peace of mind.

      Someone recently suggested a change to me.  I told him if he wanted to do that, go ahead.  He let me know he had it in mind for me, too.  I told him I wasn't interested.  He asked why.  I told him I didn't need to justify myself .

      His head rocked back when I said that quietly, but firmly. It didn't make sense to him, as he tried persuading me about his idea.  That's okay, the choices I make do not have to make sense to him or others.  They only need to seem right to me.  They do.  This is being internally referented.

      My friend was quiet the rest of the night.  The gratitude?

Gratitude Seven: I love making my own choices, having autonomy.  I enjoy being true to my values, while being calm and courteous towards those who see things differently.  I allow them the freedom to be themselves.  I only ask that they grant me the same right.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes? Please share with us. Thanks.  

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