Saturday, July 12

The Innkeeper Getting High .......... 7/12/14

     This has been a killer week.  Today was particularly long.  This is when I review the week as it comes to a close.  Would it be possible to hear your high and low points for the past seven days?  Here are mine:

High Points
1.   I am connecting with someone who is exceptionally wise, gifted, and poetic.  My yin to this person's yang is marvelous.  My world is enlarged because of what we share. The caring, empathy and celebrating of life that happens between us is a gift from God I don't take lightly.
2.  I received a gift this week.  It let me know how much a friend appreciates me.  My confidence grows, and I thrive, when others root for me, genuinely caring about my happiness. I appreciate those in my life do not expect favors from me, wanting something from me.  I am a lucky man.
3.  I cried three times in one day, Wednesday.  Good tears.  This is a healthy sign on my emotional dashboard.  As a young man, I stuffed my feelings.  It was a form of not being alive.

      I love participating in life, being present, not trying to control it.  I am joyful about the wholeness that nurtures my spirit, mind and being, because of the recovery I have because of  Al-Anon 
Family Groups. 
4.  This week I got two client approval letters.  I am touched they are happy with how I serve them.  It makes what I do worthwhile.
5.  I was honest about my feelings with someone I treasure.  My heart fluttered as I was vulnerable with this person.  Yes, it was awkward.  Instead of camouflaging it, I spoke what was going on within. I also wanted to understand what was going on within this person.

      I value authenticity in relationships.  I am thankful it is a central characteristic in all the relationships I keep.

     This is enough for now.  I am tired. Soon, I will post my Low Points.  Please let me hear from you. 

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Anonymous said...

My High Points for This Week:
1. My times with my mentor. Through my times with him, I am learning how to take care of my emotional safety, I'm growing in my dignity and expressing my voice.
2. Monday, my time with women friends. We have a lot in common as moms. It meets my need for acceptance, closeness and belonging.
3. I am loving it, that I have been singing more and playing the guitar. It meets my need for inspiration and celebrating life And it gives me a lot of joy, something I need.
4. Because of a friend I have been re-connecting with my British roots, which makes me feel good.
5. A meeting I attend on Wednesday. There I am known for who I really am. Everyone there is authentic and transparent and I love the feeling of connection we have there.
6. I am overjoyed that a son that concerned me now has a job. And he even took me out to lunch!
7. I am thrilled that this same son is being thrifty with his money, trying to be economical. I am very happy to see his growth.

Low Points:
1. I am regularly challenged to surrender my values, boundaries. I am glad my recovery is helping me to stay strong.
2. My depression when I don't cling to recovery principles I have been learning for a year-and-a-half.
3. I am caught in the midst of a difficult decision that will affect the course of my life. I am asking for God's direction.

Jane G. Yorkshire

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