Thursday, July 24

Grateful for Faith and the Source Behind It........... 7/24/14

     Engrossed in writing this post, I overlooked the deadline.  So, here I am, submitting a post at the earliest  time possible.  I am relaxed, anticipating all the good that will happen today, Thursday.  I am weary, though at ease.  The week has been

      This evening, I met with my friends. The subject was feelings.  Great topic.  Better than the conversation was the spirit among us.  Peace dwelt among us, along with love, acceptance for each other and honesty, authenticity.
   My Gratitudes for Wednesday: 
1. I am in a better place than I was ten years ago. I was happy to begin with, due to concentrated effort on my personal growth. Also contributing to my joy is my walk with God and love received from my supportive network.
2. I love the work I do, even though it has its challenges. (See yesterday's post.)
3. I thankful for the faith that empowers, motivates, inspires, encourages and permits me to have an intimate relationship with God.

      Many do not live by faith. They operate by their calculations.  There is a problem with living that way: we are fallible, our perspective is limited. Our best thinking and actions brought us to the dilemmas we currently face.  Man is not the measure of all things.

      God is.

      Yes, nowadays it is sophisticated to be dismissive about God.  I am not sophisticated, if it means living humanistically.  I have known Him as a reality since a youth.   I don't know about God, I know Him. Personally.

       My life is easier because my relationship with a gentle, gracious, patient God who loves me tremendously.  He  provides principles.  They are slate stones that allow me to cross the bogs and mires of life.

4. I am grateful for discovering in May the true nature of someone I thought was a friend. He was someone I mentored for several years. He is an example of what often is lacking in today's relationships.  Commitment.  This quality alone allows emotional safety when connecting with another.
5. I like the way I think.  I am a INFJ, according to Meyers-Briggs. I am conceptual, less concrete. But, due to fine schools I attended, I can---and often am----as concrete and analytical as anyone.
6. The highlight of my month is tomorrow morning.  It may be a pivotal day.  I will find out. Pray for me me.  I will have a special time from 10-12:00 noon.
   I like the energy experienced during this special time.   Laughter, honesty and poetry between two souls takes place as never known before.  I relate with someone who can run with my thoughts and adds to them.  And I have the same impact, too.
7. I am glad that God is greater than my fears. I am thankful I face them. When I do, the dreaded outcomes I anticipated do not usually eventuate.
   Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by failing to attempt.  Wm. Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

     I will re-work this later today.  Right now, I need to get to bed. 

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