Wednesday, July 2

A Rich Day ......... 7/2/14

Abundance is not in how much we have, but in how much we enjoy. 
         I'm enjoying plenty.

        Hi there.  Thank you, for visiting.  I am happy, proud, confused,  filled with a sense of ease.  Today, spending time with someone special---at length, was encouraging, uplifting. That filled the rest of my day with

        The night was spent with friends.  A warm, loving time with genuinely caring people was a pick-me-up, also.  This was the first time someone led the meeting.  Actually, this was the first time she guided any group in her entire life.  I was proud seeing how well she did, and happy.

        Her honesty, sincerity and authenticity was transcendent.  When she shared and guided the group, everyone supported her, aware this was a breakthrough moment.  Encouraging smiles, beaming faces, and goodwill directed towards her let me know I was spending my time at the right place.

        Tired and exhausted I have been for the past few weeks.  I lived in three different places the last two months. Now, I'm settled, having my own home.  Being with tonight's loving community provided stability, comfort, closeness and the emotional safety I needed.

        The evening was a welcomed antidote to this morning.  I purchased a feature with Skype that isn't working.  I was trapped in a customer service hell while seeking help.  There were no live people to talk to for help.  It's important having the service I purchased.

         Being stymied is not what I needed,  especially when I am physically worn out.  For now, I will let it go and leave my concerns about this problem in God's hands. I am powerless over my dealings with Skype.
 Innkeeper's Note the problem was solved the next day. Skype read my e-mail and fixed the vexing issue. I so love Step One. (See the second half.) I used the slogan "Let Go and Let God."  It delivered me from unnecessary and unwanted angst.
My Gratitudes: 
1.  Time with friends tonight.  There was a sweet spirit that included laughter.  I am thankful for belonging to an affectionate, appreciative, close, open-hearted community.
2.  Observing the person who led tonight.  This individual I have been helping her for over a year.  I am happy contributing towards her well-being and characterological growth.
3.   For those of you who post comments.  Thank you for adding to the community shared here.
4.   For an in-depth time with someone who has my strongest attention.  We are working on a project together, nearing the end of it.  I have gotten to know this person much better, in the process. The results are not surprising.  This individual is the most amazing person I ever met.
      When I grow up, I hope I can have the same personality and wisdom.  I appreciate the inspiration, growth and learning I have experienced by knowing this person.
5.  Yesterday, I completed my fifth poem in eight months.  My greatest output in this literary style, in that amount of time.  I love feeling life radiating through me, when immersed in writing, especially while writing verse.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 



I regret that I couldn't be present at the meeting, especially after reading our blog. It sounds uplifting! I hope to make changes in my schedule that will allow me to be free Wednesday nights.


I meant to say, YOUR blog, sorry!,

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