Saturday, July 19

The Week In Review............ 7/19/14

       I am at a loss.  Confused.  Frustrated.  Also elated, encouraged, inspired.  Making sense of life can be futile.  It is often best not
analyzing, just accept what is, be it good, bad, or both.  Reason isn't everything, despite what Western Civilization touts.

       Hi.  Thanks for dropping by this inn of gratitude.  More than seven hundred and thirty of you have, this Saturday.   I have been bushed, going to bed early, the last several days.  Good, I am taking care of myself.  Recent weeks have been more intense than I care for.  Drama has no appeal: I am not interested in conflict or tension.   But, here I am, semi-rested, relaxing in God's presence as I write. That is better than good enough.

       I  will write, when I have the mental clarity. Right now I am fuzzy---cognitively---I am exhausted.  When my head is clear, I will share what I have learned the past few days.  Right now,  I'll review the past seven days, the high and low points.

High Points
1.  I am climbing the ladder of an increasingly ordered life.  It provide greater perspective, ease and peace of mind.  It is critical doing what is important, but not urgent, before yielding to the tyranny of the urgent, but not important.

     Most phone calls are not critical.  Doing tasks that are due in the next few weeks are, even though they don't scream at me with the vigor that a ringing phone creates.

2.  I am thankful for priorities. They provide direction and order when I could easily distracted by things that scream for my attention but are not important.
3.  I have been impatient.  How is that good?  Things not going my way is right-sizing.  It forces me to trust God's love for me, even when it doesn't look like He cares. He does, my perspective is limited, that's all.
4. Each day that passes draws me closer to a special date, the 24th.
5.  Amazing occasions at work.  Those I serve are remarkable.  It heartens me, witnessing many working hard, wanting to take their lives to a deeper level of fufillment.
6.  Playing the guitar.  It allows my spirit to soar.  Performing music is an amazing meld of structure and creativity.  I did some of that today, for several hours.
7.  I met with the person who whined in the ear of my consciousness several times the past week, today.  He does not have boundaries and I do, therein lay the rub.

      I reminded him for the seventh time over the past few months that I am not responsible for his feelings.  His insecurities do not become my emergencies.  His feelings are an issue he has to work through. His history is dripping to his present, wanting it to drip into mine.

    Uh, uh, I don't work that way. He understood what vexed me.  He had tried controlling me, a no-no, a behavior pattern born out of his fear.  He acknowledged he was out of line.
8.  My business is growing. I am thankful for the challenges it offers and how it motivates me to go beyond my comfort level. Requiring constant discipline.
9.  Precious, who shares the house with me is cuter.  I bought her a brush last Sunday, using it several times this week.  She still loves me, even though I tug at her, undoing all the snarls she has, when using it.

Low Points:
1.  I am tired. Sleeping poorly for more than a month.  It drives me crazy, requiring emotional discipline, while handling life's demands.
2.  I am ending a relationship with a client.  No fun, but essential for my sanity, serenity, self-esteem.
3.  I have plenty of paperwork to catch up on.  It is tedious but necessary.

  Let me hear your highs and lows.  It contributes to the community we share here. 

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