Saturday, June 7

Emotional Fireworks........... 6/7/14

        From discombobulated to semi-discombobulated.  That's improvement.  I moved last Sunday.  Most of the house is in order.  Eighty-five percent. Not bad.

         This week I exercised boundaries,.  I had to. It is the armor needed when relating with those who don't.  I do not like drama.  It is never pleasant.  I am not a drama addict. One person tried foisting responsibility for his
hurt feelings on me. Uh uh.  It didn't work.  That's a boundary crossing and I am clear about mine.

         Our feelings are our property. No one can make us angry, sad, fearful, anxious or any other feeling without us giving them permission to do so.  It's disappointing---not surprising---that many talk a good talk about their personal growth, as did one of the excitable persons I encountered did. But, when the Jack-in-the-box of difficulties jumped out at him, his true mettle was unveiled.

He tossed his equanimity aside, striking out at me with a furiosity born of insecurity and fear. 

    This week  I disagreed with him, twice.  My space and autonomy he trod upon. I let him know his actions were not going to cut it.  Even though it's June, not the Fourth of July, intense fireworks spurted from him.  Am I glad.  He let me know his true self: his character, worldview and values.

     I am not motivated, at all, by guilt, sarcasm or shame. Tactics my friend used. (I'm being sardonic here, uncharacteristic of me.) 

     I will not relate with this person more than necessary.  He has complained, much, that he doesn't have significant relationships. I see why.  If I did not adhere to my values, he easily could weary me. Yes, he's an emotional vampire.

      His constant drama and high-strung nature, and need to control is as attractive as MRSA, which I have had.  What gets me is that he repeatedly uses life alienating communication to motivate me and others. That is the worst way a person can motivate me.

 I will work on this post later today.  Right now, I need rest 

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