Thursday, June 19

Enjoying Life In Spite of Drama....... 6/19/14

    My humanity has been leaking through my resil-iency, a big part of who I am. Then again, I went through an emotional tornado Wednesday night. This drama extrav-aganza wiped me out
emotionally and mentally.  I handled the situation well, but still.  So, here I am, two days later, after physically recuperating, taking care of myself.

      Frustration has been this week's theme.  Connecting with someone Tuesday and today had more glitches than non-millennials doing computer programming.  Skype we use. Not working well for us.

      Such times have been an opportunity I did not want to have----practicing patience.  I'm human.  Times spent with this person is the highlight of the week.  Not being able to hear one another and dropped calls---happening several times, while visiting----was frustrating.

      I should be grateful we relate at all.  We live a distance from one another.  Wednesday, I wrote this person.  Surprised I am, with what happens when scribing while being present.  Unexpected feelings and images emerge.

       The response received was extraordinary.  Relating with others is what I do for a living, spending much time with many.  I have never met anyone like this person.  Ever.  Today, we visited. This person has no clue how gifted she is.  Her humility humbles me.

My Gratitudes for Tonight:
1. For the peace of mind enjoyed, because I don't accept unacceptable behavior, like what transpired Wednesday.
2. For expressing all of who I am, the good, bad and the ugly with my inner circle.
3. For common sense derived from Al-Anon Family Groups, its principles and literature.
4. For those who work hard at living by healthy recovery principles.
5. For the comfort and support received from emotionally and mentally healthy friends.
6. For discernment (and here, too, for more about this subject). It allows me to detach from people who are expert at pushing buttons and yanking at other people's feelings.  Discernment helps me stay away from emotional vampires and narcissists.

How About You? 
Please share your three gratitudes for today. I love hearing from you.

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Thumper said...

I am grateful for having the opportunity to spend quality time alone with one of my children.

I am grateful for my silly and extremely loving maltipoo puppy.

I am grateful for how far I have come in my recovery.

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