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The Week In Review.............. 6/28/14

Image: "Ireland: Kerry Island" by Tim Blessed.
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         Exhausted, I have been. I slept over ten (!!!) hours last night.  Even so,  today I was tired.  Tomorrow I look forward to cycling, perhaps using my new bike rack to go somewhere scenic. And yes, without having an accident.  Like last time, on Fathers Day.

         It is that time. I will review the best and not so best parts of the week that concludes today.  I would love hearing your highs and lows, too.  Here are mine.

1.  I have not lived alone since a teen.  Now I am.  I am  good at keeping my own company.   However, I am never lonely.  That happens when we are not at
peace with ourselves.  Besides, I have plenty to do, reflect, write and journal about, in addition to doing research.
2.  I have my own private library.  My home is quiet and equipped with books.  All this month I have studied as if it was finals week in college. Something I liked doing then, and now.
3.  There was progress this week with an an area that challenged my serenity.  The fellow who caused a ruckus last week at the Al-Anon Family Group returned this week. This time he was in his right mind and apologized.  It seems he was not accustomed to someone applying boundaries.  He got over it.
We get what we tolerate.  We train people how to treat us. 
4.  I am working on my fifth poem since November.  It is a nice change from my normal routine, allowing me to exercise the right hemisphere of my mind.
5.  My scabs are coming off, from the said cycling accident, where my son rammed into me, from behind, deliberately.   A relief it is to fully move my knees and elbow. Scabs are not flexible.  Really.  They were itchy at all times, even while dozing off.  Now, what remains is smaller on both legs and my right arm, no longer narcissistic, demanding all of my attention.
6.  Researching Ramadan.  Plenty of food for thought, though for the following month, between sunrise and sunset nothing is consumed or imbibed, for those observing this holy season.
7.  I had two extraordinary conversations this week with someone especially dear.  Our time is incomparable, lovely and uplifting, to say the least.  I mentioned a something I would like to hear and the other person thought it was lovely.  That is progress.
8. I have been gentle towards myself. I have been wiped out the past few weeks.  I am glad I am pacing myself.
9.  I lied. Sort of. I am living with a companion.  Precious. She's the Tribble I mentioned in a previous post. She very affectionate, nuzzling against me, when I study. I enjoy my time with her. I've trained her to run towards me, when I call her. I enjoy her company.

1.  I am not cycling.  I will make an effort to cycle more this upcoming week.  It is fun to do and helps me discharge stress.
2.  My motivation has been affected because I've have been physically banged up and recent moves I made in the past two months.
3.  I am not sleeping as well as I want to.  I will concentrate on getting to bed earlier.  

How About You?
What were your high and low points for this past week?

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