Wednesday, June 25

The Beauty of Authenticity, the Healing Power of Acceptance........ 6/25/14

         Enjoyed being present---my true, un-varnished self---Tuesday, while sharing the morning with someone dear.  We swam in the depths of authenticity and intimacy.  Night embraced the day.  Stars shone within the darkness of our souls.  The birdsong of joy serenaded the early hours of this day.

         We did not hide who we were, how we
felt.  Staying in our heads, or presenting ourselves as calmer than we were, was avoided.  Contrived stimulation was tossed aside.  We simply were, the friendship stimulating itself.  That was enough, fulfilling, even.  Our visit allowed my soul to sigh, discharging the stress of urban living.  I was blessed with a special favor, too, a shroud was removed.

         I feel sorry for thoughtaholics.  Always ruminating, believing constant learning solves their ills, emotional and mental.  It does not, and never will.  Bonding with loving, healthy, present, conscious others is the antidote for heaviness of the soul. It is our most basic need.

         This morning I bonded in ways I never did, before knowing this person.  I am evolving.   I enjoy the absence of control in this relationship, except for one area.  This person is learning the futility of controlling outcomes. We need to stop fighting lions.

         We are never responsible for the disappointment of others, if we disagree.  Taking care of ourselves, expressing what we want---while doing so respectfully---is critical.  Mental health improves when stating our wants, tending to our needs, feelings and beliefs, not feeling obligated to always accommodate others.

         As adults, we do not need to assume a child-like role, continually pleasing others, to the detriment of meeting our needs. No one always gets what they want.  Including those we love.  Additionally, we must live according to our values. If we do not, we suffer depression or despair, rage or resentment.

         Juggling life's demands kept me busy today.  Necessary for making the most of life.  I avoided trouble, rested, worked and tamed a lion.  I am happier, feeling more balanced.  Restoring the sense of ease and calmness I had before I moved, is taking place, making me a happy innkeeper.

Gratitudes for Tuesday: 
The Healing Power of Acceptance
1.  I continue doing backflips after learning that someone within my inner circle was not sincere.  I had been played.  Only one thing is worse than discovering this after three years. Discovering this after three years and one day.

 This is where the value of acceptance helps. I:
a.  See what happened. This is awareness.
b.  Feel the loss, insincerity and deceit.  Connecting with my feelings.  Critical.
c.  Grieve what transpired.  Acknowledge the negativity, feel the loss.
d.  Let it go.  I see reality for what it was---the relationship was exploitative and a sham.
e.  Look at my options. Seeing what I can do. In this case, I need to journal, cycle, write the offending person, using nonviolent communication, letting him know my disappointment, but not expecting any positive results.  I express my voice to relieve the tension I feel within.
2.  Thankful for the healing power of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is letting go of the hurt.
3.  Seeing positive results in my practice. I am getting more referrals too.
4.  I am being gentle towards myself.  Worn out, I've been. Depleted. I am glad I am getting rest.
5.  My body is on the mend, after a bad spill, while cycling. I am almost not feeling the pain from my scarred up legs and right arm.
6.  I played the guitar with a friend yesterday.  It restored my soul.  It's great singing songs I love and feel from the depths of my heart.  It was fun giving a guitar lesson, too.
7.  I have a tribble that has fallen in love with me.  The only problem it snores and snorts all the time.
8.  I love the way my day started.  It could not have started any better. 

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Thumper said...

Thank you for the reminder that we are never responsible for other people's feelings. We are not responsible for their reactions. This way of thinking makes us codependent.

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