Saturday, June 7

Grateful for the Unmanageability of Life..................... 6/7/14

         I'm dictating tonight's post. One of the advantages of having a smartphone.  My dead laptop in being resuscitated by an angel.  The computer guy, Angelo, said a hundred bucks will make it better. He is giving me a loaner tomorrow.

        The past 4-5 days, I lived with a Tribble. You have to be a geek to know what I mean.  It is fascinating seeing this fur ball approach me.  Its a Himalayan cat, a junkie for
affection. She has taken a shining to the innkeeper.  Precious climbs on top of me when I lounge on the couch, reading.

        She's asthmatic, snorts, sticks out his tongue and sputters, when breathing, the consequence of her physiognomy.  She has a flattened. Pekinese dog-like nose.

        This week, I had a delightful time with someone I love.  I received an additional birthday gift, the best of all.  I am a thrilled innkeeper.

          The gift was sensitive, metaphorical, poetic and magical. Absolutely grand.  I even cried.  Twice.

My Gratitudes:
1. I moved into a new house.
2. I am playing the guitar, a lot. It rejuvenates  my soul.
3. I am thankful for life's unpredictability. It extrudes me into a place where it makes me live by faith. Times of unexpected flux humbles me.  I am reminded that I cannot control every outcome, that it is ludicrous to consider controlling others. The only person I have semi-control over is myself.

     Realizing this fact makes life much more simple and serene, less aggravating.  I release my grip upon an insane mentality that I can change the impossible. Instead, I look at what I can do to take care of myself, doing that.

     Looking at life's circumstances this way unloads a huge and unrealistic burden off of me, emotionally and mentally. Life becomes more manageable.

How About You?
How has your perspective of reality improved? 

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