Sunday, June 22

Review of the Past Week...... 6/22/14

   As you know, on the weekends, I ask if we can do an inventory of the week just completed. I would enjoy hearing your high and low points.  Here are mine:
High Points:
1.  I enjoy levels of intimacy never known before.  Being present and relating with a conscious and aware person is great. There is no attempt at controlling the relationship, by either one of us. We are
transparent, mutually uplift one another and are sensitive to what is alive within both of us.
2.  I calmly, but firmly stood my ground when someone tried dominating a meeting. When he tried distracting us from the main issue, I didn't take the bait.
3.  Being gentle towards myself.  I enjoy what I have.  I do not let the values of society to seduce me into thinking I have to strive for goal that are unsatisfying, in order to be successful.
4.  I went to the beach with a friend and saw the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean. While hearing the ocean roar at my feet.  Majestic.
5.  Nurturing myself by spending time writing. Giving myself "alone time," to process what is happening in my life and hear God's voice.
6.  I like the honesty I had with my friendships. It is not a brutal honesty.  It is sincerity born out of discernment and mutual trust.  I love relating with mature others who are not narcissists, emotional vampires.  The good company I keep is the result of maintaining my boundaries and being transparent when encountering a problem.
7.  I received the greatest compliment in my life. This person has a genuineness I love.
8.  Using poetry, when counseling clients. They've liked it.

Low Points: 
1.  Last Sunday, I was deliberately rammed from behind, while riding my bike.  I had no time to prepare for my fall. I continue to feel the pain from that crash. My right leg hurts and right arm is still healing from that "accident."
2.  I am still adjusting to having moved. My equilibrium and ability to sleep has been affected.
3.  I have limitations with my wifi connection. It affects my reception, making it difficult to use Skype.
4.  My energy has been limited. Fortunately, I know what to do: rest.  I have and will.
5.  I need to make calls, and I am too tired to do so.

How About You? 
What were your highs and lows for last week? 


Thumper said...

I am so grateful to be learning about setting and keeping boundaries in my relationships, whether they be with my family friends or at work. It really does make a difference in self-esteem, depressed feeling and anger.


Hi, Mr. Innkeeper! Did you have a chance to see a doctor about your injuries?
I will say one thing: being authentic is very hard, mostly, because I doubt my own authenticity and motivations.

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