Thursday, June 12

Not Weighed Down By Life's Pressures......... 6/12/14

Adopting a right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.   Hans Selye, stress theory pioneer

     I'm slipping in my gratitudes a minute into the next day.  I'm worn out. My baseball team lost tonight and I'm rising early tomorrow.  Other than that, I'm
doing well.

Gratitudes for Wednesday: 
1.  I faced my fears and did something I didn't want to do. The task was easier than imagined, but not pleasant, comparable to cleaning out a cat litter box.

      Patient I was, tonight. Didn't want to be. Someone at a meeting, spoke way longer than allowed.  I desperately wanted to cut him off, I was leading the group.  I let him continue. In veiled language, he complained about how I treat him.

      That was fine. If I interrupted him, it would have contributed more to the difficulties we're having.  I am with people all the time, it's the nature of my work. It's a given, feelings will be bruised on an occasion.  I am glad I don't surrender to other people's interpretations of me.  I'd be walking on eggshells all the time, if  I did.

2.   I'm glad I'm not externally referented.
3.  I love resting in God, realizing much of my life is unmanageable. I know only His help can handle impossible circumstances.  During such times, I see what I can do. That's much saner. The rest, I leave up to God.  As a result the lines of stress, anxiety, anger and fear are not etched into my face.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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