Sunday, June 15

Am I Crazy? .............. 6/15/14

      Hello.  I am hurting, within and without.  And yet, I am happy. Am I crazy? You be the judge.

       My right arm is bandaged, my right shin stings like heck and sticks to my pants, my left leg burns. I am unable to kneel and I hobble when I walk. But the day was great.

       Yesterday was more of the same, from a different perspective.  My inner self was scraped.  My optimism and joy hit the asphalt of confusion, leaving me
bruised. The good thing however, is knowing all things work out for the best, if I stay of the way of God's plans for me and simply do the next right thing.

       Today, within five minutes of riding my bike, in the wooded town of Felton, my son rode into me, from behind, causing me to crash. He smashed into me, landing on top of me, scraping me, more.  My right arm and both of my legs.  Ouch. I have never broken a bone. Was today the day?
        Many hikers at this park---Henry Cowell, State Park, rushed to my aid, comforting me, praying for me, straightening my mangled body that was throbbing in pain, as I lay flat on my back in the dirt. Their gentle voices and reassuring, tender smiles, and the loving way they tended to me, as I was in shock, healed me as much as their First-Aid efforts.

        The moment of joy happened when I hugged my son, resting my weight on him, as he lifted me from the rock-strewn path.  My knee, the first part that crashed into the ground, was not shattered. Thank God.

        Today,was an opportunity to practice gratitude.  Those hovering around me smiled when I said, "After this, my day can only get better."  One couple, Mira and Terry ministered to me, while my son went to a local Safeway to buy antiseptics, Band-Aids.  This wife and husband team cheered me, offering Rescue Remedy, an anti inflammatory and cleaned my wounds----using water to get the gravel out of my pieces of me that was torn up.

        I sat on a stone wall. The view was beautiful. I loved taking in the variegated shades of green as the sun shone through the canopy of leaves surrounding me. Behind me flowed the San Lorenzo River an old friend of mine, that once almost took my life during a canoeing adventure.   Really.  I should be dead.  Three people died that Spring weekend, when the river was engorged by recent rain.

       My son returned, applied more bandages and cleaned me up. We decided to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, giving my bones a rest. When our meal was over I told him I wanted to get back up on my bike and ride where we had our tumble. Being that it was Father's Day, he complied.

       I pushed and panted. Each cranking of the pedals reopened my already scabbing right knee, but I didn't mind. Today's accident was not going to conquer me.  Besides, tomorrow, I could rest, when I visited clients. But it would be a while before I could take in this view again.  I had never ridden a bike in this gorgeous park, one I've known since 14.  I wasn't going to let pain dictate my decision.  I figured the trek might limber my stiff knee.  It did.

       Inhaling God's country distracted me from a body that pulsed with pain.  Yes, I can be determined. The pain would be temporary. The beauty I took in will remain within my halls of my memory forever.

        I shall work on this some more, later.  This will do for now. I am tired.  May you have a great and grateful Monday.  I know I will. 


Thumper said...

Pablo, We can all learn something from your positivity despite your painful accident. Using gratitude when faced with a difficult situation is the key to serenity.

Syd said...

I'm sorry you had a fall and thankfully, no broken bones. Diverting falls from a bike can not only leave road rash but break collarbones. Glad that you got back on the bike too. Take care.

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