Tuesday, June 17

I Am Not Who I Was Nineteen Months Ago .................... 6/17/14

    My heart has raced the past few weeks. My face aches from smiling.  I am not my usual self.  Thoroughly delighted I am.

     A journey taken the past nineteen months wound its way through sensational conversations, poetry, more than two hundred letters, and much soul searching. The gifts found along the way have both humbled and inspired me.  I am not the same fellow I was before
embarking on this trip.

    I have learned to: 
1.  Express my needs. I wanted to be valued for who I am, not for what I offer.  That has happened.
2.  See the needs of others, what is alive within them, applying empathy. The path taken right-sizes me. Every day.  I am reminded I am part of something larger than me.
3.  Exercise patience when confused, hurt and disappointed.  I have seen the value of not interpreting what I encounter.  Interpretation is a form of judgment, something that has no appeal for me.
4.  Ask for support from loved ones, those who care about my welfare and happiness.  They have helped me navigate treacherous waters that could have keeled me over
5.  Practice being present and authentic. This approach helps me be more resourceful and adaptable. Because of recovery, I am comfortable in my own skin, allowing me to ignore superficial values any sense of rigidity.
6.  Surrender any ideas of being in control.  We are manipulative when we are fearful. We are controlling when we try manipulating outcomes.  I rather discover them. 

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Syd said...

Good growth and good things to remember to keep growing.

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