Tuesday, August 2

A Busy, But Auspicious, Meeting-My-Needs Day .......8/2/11

    Hello everyone,

I met with a client this afternoon, our time was productive.  Earlier in the week, I asked if we could meet at a new place, she said okay, with reservations. It ended up she likes the new place better than where we once  met. I thanked her, for her flexibility.

        Taking care of self is still an area where I'm growing. (For more on this subject click here, and here, also.) It lets me know that I must be a Safe Person. 1 (See footnote below.) As a child, I was culturally conditioned to always think of the needs others and ignore mine. It feels great seeing important areas in my life being fulfilled. More about that in a moment.

     Tonight, I gather with others in the Marin County city of San Rafael.  It's been a month, now, that I've been putting my caboose in a seat over there. My time there this evening far exceeded my expectations. Several wonderful developments happened.  I  assembled a team who'll help me develop my business and strengthen my finances. Wow, a two-for-one!

     The two people working with me are gracious. (As an added bonus, Keith is from London. I love hearing his accent. He and I spoke about Patrick Stewart's voice. Keith didn't know Patrick originally had a Yorkshire accent.) Keith and Connie understand my goals and are expert at helping me reach them. I'm floored, and grateful.

      Let's see, last week, I got a mentor regarding developing my business and finances.  I found him at this meeting, too. I'm happy my investment, attending this meeting, is paying off handsomely. I'm cautiously and fearfully thrilled.
My Gratitudes for Tuesday:
1. I'm happy I valued myself enough that I asked for a venue change, with the client I meet on Tuesday afternoons. I'm worth it.

    The other location had me driving across town to get to the freeway. It ate 15-20 minutes, doing so, as I trekked to San Rafael. Our new location allows me to be on the freeway within two minutes. I was nine minutes early to tonight's meeting. Punctuality is a great feeling: it provides more serenity and ease, terrific qualities for building up my spirit. I'm all for that.
2. I have a deeper appreciation for perseverance. I've wanted a team of workers and a mentor since December. I've approached others, the results weren't there, until last week. That's when I got my mentor. Today, I found two experienced people who are willing to work with me as I develop my profession and build upon my finances. Ya ay!


3. I'm happy remembering that we do NOT get our healing by isolating. I eagerly look forward to growth in vital areas of my life.
4. I'm thankful I've been diligently priming the pump.  For a long while it looked like my efforts were in vain. But, because I didn't give up, the water of positive results now flows.
5. I'm overjoyed having K____and C___on board as part of my team.
6. I'm grateful to have S___ as my mentor.
1. "Each of us has both fixed aspects of our character and things that we can change.  For example, a naturally aggressive person will  probably not change to be naturally passive. But that person can learn to channel that aggression in acceptable ways.
Safe people know that they are subject to change.  They want to mature and grow over time.  But unsafe people do not see their own problems: they are rigidly fixed and not subject to growth. These  people can be dangerous, and they will only change when there are enough limits placed on them that they  are forced into great pain, humility, and loss.  Without this confrontation, unsafe people will remain defiant and unchanged." 
            Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, Safe People, (Grand Rapids, Michigan, Zondervan, 1995) p.38-39.

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