Friday, August 19

The Problem Lies Beneath Our Nose: Awareness, the First Step Towards Progress .........................8/19/11

Stinky stuff
   Good evening everyone,

How you be?  Yesterday was a humdinger of a day, but good.  Life has been rich and full this week.  I thank God for how He works in my life.  Today, I slept in.  I met with a friend of thirty-five years, in the afternoon.

      Right now, I'm hanging out at an international food court, studying; my routine needed variety.  I will concentrate on studying in the next few days.

       This week, I've witnessed a person in denial.  And nope, that doesn't mean a big river in Egypt.  Being unaware of our character issues is understandable.  Denial isn't that.  For more on this distinction, you can read here.  It's active opposition to issues that require change on our part, either our thinking or behavior, perhaps even both.
I've observed this person, who----due to childhood abuse-----is critical by nature, judgmental.

        Sadly, she uses cutting, derogatory comments towards those who differ with her.  The problem is always with the other person.  Recently she's been called on this character issue.  Her response?  To make like a cat and flee (I'm playing with the word, "flea").

        She does not want to come to terms with her part, when she has conflicts.  For her, leaving solves everything.  It remedies nothing.  The results of her derision, judgment of others and lack of courtesy follows her.  Her situation reminds me of the following lines by Edgar Guest:    

Like calls to like, we are met by the traits we show 

Where love will find a friend, hate will find a foe.
You'll have to use your imagination, to follow the story. You'll want
to combine the first picture with this one, to get the proper image.
     This person's  actions reminds me of a story by John Maxwell in Winning Attitude (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1993).  My retelling:

     A father fell asleep on the family couch. The missus and the kids decided to have fun while dad was zonked out.  Limburg cheese was rubbed under his nose; softly, it was mashed into his mustache.

     The pungent smell awakened him.  "Sniff, sniff, this living room stinks,"  he says.  To the kitchen he goes,  getting coffee.  Fully awake, he smells the foul odor again. Shaking his head he mutters, "wow, this kitchen stinks."
      Plagued by the smell, he seeks solace outdoors, on the front porch of his country home.  He gazes upon the land, taking in a deep breath---seeking  relief. The outcome overwhelms him: a strong, foul odor.  Not yet aware of the source, he roars, "That settles it, the whole world stinks!"

      Please, have a great and grateful weekend.

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