Thursday, August 7

Careful Consideration, Deliverance From Drama, Balance and Boundaries ..... ...................8/7/14

    Hi there.  Almost refrained from posting this evening, I am tired.  Straight to gratitudes, I will go.
1.  Rest.  I am going to bed as soon as this post is done. I will sleep in tomorrow.  Ya ay!
2.  I am happy.  Two special moments happened yesterday.  I will treasure them, forever.  My soul soared before becoming
caged again.
3.  I explained to someone how we want to make sure, that in our freedom, we are not a stumbling block for others. However, that does not mean we yield to the weaknesses of others, preventing us from exercising our freedom.  It simply means we can't  do that with them.

     You want an example?  I can drink alcohol, and do, maybe once in three months.  It is not a temptation of mine.  Not once. However, if I was with an alcoholic, I would not drink in front of that person.  I would not want to be a stumbling block, in that individual's area of struggle.

     When with others who do not have this problem, I drink.  Sharing this perspective provided relief for the person I spoke to. It helped him with his over developed conscientiousness.

     We want to be sensitive to others, but we can't let the whims and weaknesses of others overrule our values and what we want to do, as long as what we are doing is moral.  The gratitude: enjoying liberty while still being considerate of others.
4.  I received a letter that touched me as no other letter has.  I am in disbelief, but happy.
5. For honesty. But not just any honesty.  Assertive honesty is what I value. Aggressive honesty is speaking the truth while not respecting the feelings of another.  Assertive honesty is when I do, but I equally respect and adhere to mine.

6.  For balance in life.  It alone allows equanimity.  When life is a roller coaster, I can become emotionally depleted. I am not a drama junkie.  Drama has no appeal.  As I have said before, If I want it, I will see a movie. That way, I leave it at the theater, when heading home.

     No longer do I wear a cape, rescuing others, when I am aware of a need.  I was freed from codependency when I realized that there is only one God and I am not Him. I became freed from this externally referented disease when I discovered boundaries and Al-Anon Family Groups. Humility is realizing my limitations, letting God do his part.

    Balance in my life happens when:
a. I place principles above the vulnerable parts of my personality.
b. I do not slip back to my default mode, when pressured or agitated.  My default mode is applying old, established behavior patterns that no longer suit me, and have lost their proportion.

    As a kid, I didn't know better.  I no longer am a child.  Now, I let people reap what they sow.  I do not co-sign for the negative consequences of their life, the result of their poor choices or distorted values.  I do not prevent irresponsible or unaware people from learning the lessons my Higher Power has for them.

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