Monday, August 25

Where Is the Innkeeper? Freedom from Cacophony 8/25/14

      Peace.  My soul restored, comforted.  Even in the midst of a crazy and distracting--as in shortest skirts I have ever seen, along with blaring music and street performers----environment.  But in the midst of Las Vegas being Las Vegas I found
paradise.  Really.

      The hubbub of the Las Vegas strip did not suit the inner me.  In the middle of it all I discovered an oasis of solitude, serenity and blessed silence.  The poolside area of Caesar's Palace.

      Yes, there. No one but myself and my companion sat near the opulent pools, bedecked with columns, the Emperor's mighty presence and horses with serpentine tails.  This was at midnight. Ahh!  Quietness.  No blaring music, as on the strip.  No hordes of people crowding my personal space. No buskers busking.

       Instead regal palm trees swayed in the warm wind. My friend and I resolved an issue, delighting in the respite from the cacophony and churning pressures that Las Vegas living imposes upon a soul.

      What I learned? 

     Do not always trust  comments from others.  Trust intuition. A security guard minimized the poolside area, when I inquired about it.

   "You will only have an area of five feet to move around in," the blue suited security guard said

    Not so. An exaggeration.  Even though it was cordoned off, where we sat was more than twenty feet. But the expanse of the enormous courtyard was a welcome relief for eyes overburdened by too much to see and ears that heard enough in ten minutes to last three weeks.

    My intuition told me to seek out the pool area of this monumental behemoth that straddles the Strip.


      I am tired.  Beat.  Sleeping in my bed Monday night, not yet.  I am still on a business trip.  Yes, it took place in Las Vegas.

     The upshot has been good. While at it, I got two new clients.   I was asked to assist with a class in San Francisco in September, the 5th through the 7th.  It may open opportunities for teaching and training elsewhere.

     Last night I was at the Bahama Breeze in Las Vegas.  We were all dolled up.  Great time.  I didn't dance, though.  I was caught up in a conversation that was a bit of heaven on earth.

     Openness, honesty, laughter, transparency and community was in abundance.  All this took place while listening to live entertainment and having a meal. A woman sitting next to me helped in processing a vexing issue.

     Afterwards, with another friend, we strolled Fremont Street.  This is the original place where Vegas started as a happening place.  Fun.  My senses were bombarded.  Many street performers.  I never saw more short skirts than I have in Sin City, other than Hollywood, when I was spent time there, being filmed, five years ago.

1.  The trip has been a growing experience.  A nice surprise was a workshop offering solutions to the biggest challenge I am facing in my private life.  I look forward to applying what I learned.
2.  New friends. I was with tons of people, almost all I did not know. How I fit in, was fascinating to note.  I was encouraged.

3.  After leaving the gambling city, my friend and I took a side trip to Bad Waters in Death Valley, as we journey back to the Bay Area.  109 degrees.  Eerie.
4.  Rest.  I can't wait, my bed is calling me.

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