Saturday, August 16

Recovery: Responding, Not Reacting. Calmness In the Eye of the Emotional Storm, Part V .... ....8/16/14

     "You can't move in the house," the rental agent said over the phone.

      "What?" I asked.  We had made arrangements a month and a half earlier. While listening to him blather on, I tired to relax by taking deliberate, deep breaths.
       At some point I heard him say, "The owner changed her mind."  Listening to his words,  I felt anger, confusion and startled at the same time.

       "What do you mean? You tell me this four days before I was to move in??  I asked you throughout May if everything was set, for me living there.  You reassured me everything was fine."  Even though my voice was calm and firm, I was incredulous.

       "Why don't you call her.  She may listen to you."  Bob said.

       "This is not fair to me.  I will call her."  Then hung up.

        Alone again, my mind raced.  I paused, collecting my thoughts.  I reached out to a friend.  Someone I knew would listen.  She did.  Superbly.  Patiently, as I emptied out about my predicament.  She heard me out.

         I was happy she offered no advice.  I did not need it.  I simply needed to take my thoughts for a walk into the fresh country air I have when my soul connects with one of my Balcony People.  We prayed, after I was done emptying my feelings.  Emptying, not venting.

        Twenty minutes after the original call, Bob called again.

        "Did you call her? " he asked.

        "No," I replied.
         "Why not?"  I did not like the intensity in his voice.  I did not need intensity, then. I had more than enough of that, already.

          "Because I am in shock.  Most people do not talk too well when they are in shock. I will call her when I am ready."  I said, getting off the phone.

        Next, I called Joe,  He knew about contracts and finances.  He was a good listener, too, not prone to lecture.  I was right.

        "That's illegal. You need to be given more notice than that," he said. "Let me call some other places and see what the rates might be, for some other options.  I will call you with the information."

         I was grateful for his helpfulness.  I didn't feel as alone, as I wrestled with this challenge.  Our conversation done, I called Pablo Jr.  A business major he was, and a practical, no nonsense businessman.

        "Dad, let her talk with any of your references.  They will vouch for you. Let her know the organizations you help in that neighborhood.  Tell her you want to sign a contract, responsible for any damage, if that were to happen. Tell her you want to leave her a deposit."

         His comments I typed on my laptop, as we spoke by phone.  It is wonderful, having a commonsensical son. The reassuring, encouraging tone he had, as he spoke, was as comforting as his excellent practical suggestions.

        Before calling the owner, I spoke with Stuart, a friend I have known since twenty-three. When done, I cycled nine miles (15km), discharging the stress churning within.  Even though I was suckered punched, situationally, and felt stress, there was a calmness within me, while in the eye of an emotional storm.

        It was time to do my best, leaving the results up to God. Grasping my phone, my fingertips danced on the keypad surface, tapping out the owner's number.

To be continued.......

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