Friday, August 22

On The Road ..... 8/22/14

Where we are. 
      Good evening, I am have settled in, in the town of Bishop.  We are on our way to Las Vegas.  I am keeping my eyes open by using clothespins, that tired the innkeeper is.  Several workshops I will attend, plus
visit with others who do similar work.  I know many of them.

       Drove through Modesto and Yosemite along the way.  A friend is joining me in this venture.  This is the farthest I have ventured in twenty-nine months.  For twenty-five of those months I did not drive my car.

1.  Getting away for five days.  Traveling through unfrequented parts of California, inhaling the scent of campfires in the alpine country of Yosemite National Park and pursuing the slashes painted down the middle of two lane highways is a welcome change from suburban living.

     I appreciate the fun, adventure and rest this trip provides.

       Reminds me of a story...... An officer for the California Highway Patrol sees a car speeding.  The officer puts on his red and blue lights, taking off in pursuit.  The car does not pull over.  The Highway Patrol man puts on his siren. The car does not slow down.  In fact, it speeds up.

      The officer of the law pull out his microphone and blares over his speaker, for the driver to pull over.  The fellow he pursues increases his speed, now reaching over a hundred miles per hour.

      Having had enough, he rams the other car over, to the side of the road.  Getting out of his, this state police officer approaches the driver.

      "Did you not see my lights flashing??!"
       "Did you hear my siren?"
       "Yes," said the frightened man.
       "Did you hear me over the speaker, telling you to pull over??"
        "Why didn't you obey my instructions?"
        "Last week my wife ran off with a Highway Patrol officer.  I thought you
          were returning her."

2.  The air here, in Bishop, in the Eastern Sierras is cleaner. The stars, brighter.  Pace of life, relaxed, rural, more sanity producing. This journey lets my soul decompress from the frenetic pace of urban living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I am grateful for mystery of going to places I haven't seen: Las Vegas. I am thankful for the wonder that God's country produces (Yosemite, Mono Lake.)

3.  I look forward to tomorrow.  We will pass through Death Valley, a first for me.  In the evening I will find myself in the glitzy town of Las Vegas, hob nobbing with fellow professional caregivers.  I look forward to the community and companionship I will experience there.        


Superman said...

It is very wonderful to get away and see things new. It helps rejuvenate our soul and perhaps help others along the way. Enjoy!

Pablo said...

Dear Superman,

You have so much pressure, with all your duties as a superhero, that I am happy when you drop by to rest here, at the inn.
Thank you for encouraging me as I venture away from the inn for a few days.

I always appreciate your comments!

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