Monday, August 25

Trusting My Inner Self, My Intuition.... 8/25/14

       I am glad that I trust my intuition, wisdom God and recovery have given me.  I no longer accept unacceptable behavior or values.  I do not passively rely on the reactions---or passivity----of others to determine whether a circumstance disturbs me.  I trust my own
inner sense.  I was troubled several times while at a conference this past week.

      I appreciate my growing discretion, for the idiot light that flashed on my discernment dashboard when I attended several workshops.  I witnessed many unscrupulous behaviors in Las Vegas that were unsettling.  Very blatant.  Yet, those attending, sat and accepted the behavior.  Fortunately, I am internally referented.  Later, when with my colleagues, I mentioned my discomfort and displeasure.  Several who taught at the event lacked content.  These were situations where there was form without substance. Leaves without roots.

    a. The speaker of one workshop troubled me.  Her behavior was deeply alcoholic.  She relied on charm, inflection and personality, instead of revealing helpful content.  Fancy or charming words is never a substituted for depth, content.  I should have left.  I was in disbelief, that it was happening, as it happened.

    b. Another workshop was led by a woman pitching her product.  It was sad to witness. It was supposed to be about helping caregiving professionals to be more effective in the 21st century. Not so.  When those in the audience did not respond as she wanted, she had the temerity to say they were full of fear.  What nerve.  Really?  Wow.

    c.  Another presenter used manipulation, to get those attending to agree.  I sat back and took it all in.  My mouth was agape. I remained, to take this in.  It had been awhile since I had been with a huckster.


      I am home.  Tired.  Delighted.  Thrilled.  But at the place where I can be my most comfortable self.  Ya ay!  I have been gone for five days.  Good for me.

      But it was a working vacation.  I slept in lovely Bakersfield last night.  :->  This, after spending a large part of Sunday afternoon in Death Valley.  Thank you, for dropping by.  I cruised through Kern County and visited Cambria today, along with Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey.

      I look forward to teaching opportunity this September.  Today, during a business meeting, in Cambria, I was offered to speak at Recovery Conference taking place on a cruise this November 1-8.  From Houston to Cozumel, Belize, and Banana Coast Honduras.

      However, what I am thrilled about is that key piece in my life may get better, because of time spent in Las Vegas---at the conference, not at the Strip.  I met with two industrious, smart, women whose work lit up many ideas as I attended their workshop.

My Gratitudes for Tonight: 
1.  For sleeping in my own bed.
2.  For opportunities to share what I do in my practice with many others.  In Las Vegas I was besieged by colleagues wanting how I deal with clients who are stuck, an area where I am successful.       During breaks and while dining I was plied by colleagues with continuous questions.
I explained tools I use that help others deal with anger, self-loathing, depression, fear and anxiety, among other emotions.

3.  I love my life and the way I serve others.

That's it for now.  Good night!

How About You? 
Please share a time when you were disappointed. 



It's good to have you back!

Pablo said...


I know this is tardy, but I want you to know your comments encourage me. Thank you for dropping by, reading and reaching out to me!

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