Tuesday, August 19

Highs and Lows.. 8/19/14

        The following is an inventory of my highs and lows for last week.  I would love hearing yours.

1.  The pace of my life is balanced.  Yes, there is plenty to do.  I am not doing all of it.  Why?  Because Easy Does It, when balancing our life.

     Many actions demanding atten-tion are not im-portant, even though they scream a false urgency, appealing to
my once overdeveloped need to rescue or respond to those triggering my insecurities, or need to please.  Fortunately, that form of narcissism---feeling the world will fall apart without my help was obliterated.  No longer am I codependent, thanks to recovery. I am lucky. Discovering Al-Anon Family Groups freed me from this disease that leads to distress.  Taking care of me, too, not just others, I have learned.
2.  Knowing my priorities, and adhering to them. This includes sleep, rest, spending time with friends, not doing anything intense---contrary to the normal pattern of my day.
3.  Said what I wanted and felt to someone important to me.  I sought and listened to what this person wanted, her feelings, too.  This is how a relationship should be: honesty, openness and vulnerability undergirded by trust and emotional safety.
4.  I am loved and supported by many.  It provides me with emotional object constancy.
5.  Characterologically I continue grow, with each additional day.  My life is fuller today, than it was last week. A sign of an Unsafe Person is that they do not grow.

     Try that as a discussion starter with a friend or family member: "How are you growing?"
1.  My sleep is irregular.
2.  Many days I am worn out, after working.
3.  I haven't cycled in a long time.
4.  I was looking forward to seeing someone, it has been deferred. Not happy with that. I will see what I can do, so we can.
     May you have a great and grateful day.  I know I will!                                  Pablo


Thumper said...

I am also learning that I do not have to do everything at once like I used to. Some things can wait and it is okay. I used to think that everything was a priority and if I did not do it all then I had somehow failed. These days I am practicing being gentler with myself. Progress not perfection.

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

Thank you, for your comment. I am grateful that I now rarely succumb to the tyranny of the urgent, but not important. Phone calls can wait. The internet does not consume hours of my time, nor does texting or playing with smart devices.

Knowing priorities prevents life from being chaotic. They provide serenity, instead. A high priority is making time to nurture my personal growth and decompress.

Here's wishing you a great and grateful week!

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