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Creating a Vision, Overcoming Blockages........ 8/30/14

    Yes, I am up.  Late last night, to the movies a friend and I went.  November Man.  Not bad.  Good, actually.  I decompressed from the stresses of the week, seeing a flick before penning anything here.  How are you?

     I gave Precious, my cat, whiskey.  Boy, does she love it.  She comes back to the plate for this lovely fluid every ten minutes, lapping it up.  Getting drunk.  Of course
it is not whiskey.  But it is whiskey for her.  It is the juice from a can of tuna. The white hair on her chest is brown from licking the tuna water she spilled on it.

We cannot become the person
we want to be by remaining the
way we are. 
Developing a Vision
     This week it was fun diagramming---on a dry erase board---the visions of clients.  How they wanted their life to be different from how it is now.  Having a vision is critical.  Ancient Greeks had a saying: "If you aim at nothing, that is exactly what you will get."  These clients will not be getting nothing any longer.

     The enthusiasm they had as they created their vision was heartening.  Several had not ever created one.  Writing their vision stirred up a passion for their lives and future.

     We looked at the blockages preventing them from reaching achieving their vision,  mapping out steps to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Some of the obstacles:

1.    Fear/anxiety, being stuck.
2.    A need for spiritual         growth.
3.    Lack of confidence, self-defeatism, insecurities.
4.    No encouragement, lacking a supportive network.
5.    Lack of money.
6.    Negative beliefs, thoughts and self-talk---self-sabotaging.
7.    Myopia---caught up with the present, not seeing the Big Picture.
8.    Feeling responsible for other people.
9.    Lack of clear, specific goals. Not having SMART goals: plans that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic with a time framework.
10.  Lack of self-love, anger towards self, low self-image.
11.  Unrealistic expectations.
12.  Stuck in a routine.
13. "I feel God is testing or punishing me."

      Next, action steps were identified, that overcome the blockages. You can read about them, here.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  I can sleep in tomorrow.
2.  I wrote letters this week.  They allow me to maintain my connection with others.
3.  I love that I am making a difference with my life.
4.  I was with several friends on Wednesday. The time was amazing. Honesty, openness, transparency and vulnerability was shared. The subject was feelings.

   Right now, it is late.  I am tired.  I will see you tomorrow. 

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