Sunday, May 31

My Soul Danced 5/31/15

     What a week.

     Exceptional moments.  Time with dear ones.  Joys: I was thrilled with much of past seven days.  Life is rich and getting fuller, rela-tionally.

      I was doubly bless-ed Saturday.  Eric Shifrin played at the Fairmont where I celebrated
my birthday with friends and family!  I
was thrilled, hearing him play.  A master he is, commanding the room with the music that flows from his fingertips.

     Persistence pays.  Initially, our backs were to Eric, not seeing him tapping away at the keys.  Several times I rose, spying, waiting for a particular table to empty.  With time, I snagged the table where I could see his fingers the best.  There was no happier man in San Francisco.

     Laughter, intimate sharing, drinking in the fellowship, made for a Saturday that will be treasured. My soul danced.

     Confused during the week that passed by, I was, disappointed with one person dear to me for two-and-a-half years.  Remaining present, not in my head interpreting this individual's behavior helps keep the serenity and peace of mind that is mine.  With time, truth unveils herself.  Life is heading in a new direction, the result of accepting what is.

    Thursday, my actual birthday was superb.  It punctuated the much there is to love about life.  I took in joyous music and a feast for my eyes, enjoying special time in the town of my youth.  So it was, last week.

1.  For delighting in life fully.  I am a tremendously fortunate and happy man. No man is a failure who is enjoying life.
2.  For time with friends and family this past week.
 "Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it."          William Feather
3.  For the gifts received last week.  Especially the love, kindness, closeness and appreciation I experienced by many. And a poem from someone dear.
4.   I wrote several letters this past week.  Lengthy ones.  Writing them is a joy.  Even a sister received one.  We have a poor relationship.  I leave in God's hands, the outcome of my missive.  I was present, kind, authentic and honest.
5.  For being present in all my relationships, this past week in particular.  Because I am, I am characterologically stronger.  More clarity and emotional health is mine.

    I am glad emotional safety results from relating with healthy others, living by boundaries, speaking my truth kindly and not yielding to emotional vampires.
6.  This month celebrates one year I ended a relationship with someone who did not provide sincerity and authenticity.  One who visited here often, at one time.
7.  I was thrilled talking with Eric Shifrin several times last night.  He gifted me with his latest CD.  A deep recess within my soul was touched while hearing him play magnificently.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

   That's all for tonight.  I'll see you tomorrow. I will re-work this, then.

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