Wednesday, May 20

Growing, While Getting Smaller ...... 5/20/15

      Busy day, but good.   I put every fiber of who I am in the sessions I have. I am tuckered out, but, it is a good tuckered out.  I saw five clients today.  And I spent more time with other people tonight, capping off Wednesday.

      My future is going backwards.  But it is all good, progress, not regress, though I am going backwards.  I am growing while getting smaller.

      How's that, about my future, you ask?  I returned to regularly using my bike.  A year ago last April I started driving again, after not driving for 25 months, just using a bike to go everywhere. My endurance is what is growing as my size is

1.  Invigorating cycling through forested paths.  I am celebrating life and my health.
2.  Seeing progress as I have ridden my bike seven of  the last ten days.
3.Today, I cycled for seventy minutes, in the hills, in the midst of a busy day.  I am making the time and benefiting because I am.
   a.  Sleeping better
   b.  Feeling better.
   c.  Relieving stress.
4. I will spend special time with friend next week.
5. I am moving on with my life.
6. I will have time for research tomorrow.  Can't wait. It's one of my most favorite things to do.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes? 

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