Tuesday, May 12

Life Is Getting Better................ 5/12/15

 Peace feels good.

       Life is settling down. Let's see, two weeks ago, my computer broke. My cell phone was crunched by an auto. I lost my wallet two Sundays ago, including my driver's license. That hasn't happened in twenty years.

        A chunk of money was coughed up while getting new transpor-tation.  I sent money back to
an unwanted client while ending the relationship, too.  Feel good about that.  It was exercising recovery, taking care of me.  I don't accept unacceptable behavior.

      I also put a dear relationship on hold, too.

      I have caught my breath.  Tossed by events and setbacks has subsided----for now.   I am glad abundance is not in how much I have but in how much I enjoy.  Cycling more, lately, adds zest to my life.  I am excited about a new cyclometer I bought today.

      They motivate me, measuring how far and fast I ride.  Tomorrow morning, early, I shall scale the hills nearby with my steel steed, something  that allows me to thrive and celebrate life.
Gratitudes for Tuesday: 
1. My computer is fixed. The frame was broken, a result of dropping it. I could not plug my cord in it.  I have been borrowing one for the past two weeks. 
2.  I have a cell phone again, after being without one for a week.
3.  Cycling.  Getting acquainted with Lake Chabot, near where I live. 
4.  Getting my bike fixed today. The chain broke while tackling a hill at Lake Chabot, Sunday. 

That's it for now, I am tired. 

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