Sunday, May 17

The Danger of Interpreting Behavior.................. 5/17/15


         Had it today.  Slept well.  Spent eight hours filing, making notes about sessions had the past week, Saturday.  The best part of this weekend was cycling. I spent an hour-and-a half riding the mountainous, arbored trails encircling Lake Chabot, four miles from home.

         Arms are
sore from gripping the handlebars. Needed to, while screaming down 60 degree dirt paths and breathlessly groaning while pulling the handlebars towards me while pushing hard, down, on my pedals, climbing steep paths.  A quiet pain from a scrape on my right shin reminds me of a near fall on an abrupt slope.  Earlier today, hikers on the pathways could tell I was happy.  I had bugs in my teeth.  Really.  Small gnats.

         I'll sleep well tonight.

        Came across six deer on my four mile hilly return trip to the car.  I was thankful for wearing yellow googles.  After dusk, the gnats bombarded my face.  Was I glad for the headlight that sprayed fifty feet before me.  Otherwise, it would have been pitch black.

        A few times, I was creeped out, in the darkness, on the way back.  I was glad I don't watch horror films.  My mind easily could have painted scarey scenarios as I rolled along paths in a forest that enveloped me.

My Gratitudes for Today: 
1. I have a new cyclometer.  It means the world to me.  It keeps track of distance, speed, and time of each ride on two wheels.
2. I am being stretched by the research I am doing.
3. I dealt with an angry woman, holding my ground.  She wanted me to be responsible for her interpretations of my behavior. That's craziness.  Trying to make me codependent, she was.

   I let her know I was annoyed with her behavior and comments.  I reminded her that interpretations, assumptions, conclusions are all forms of control, on her part.  We use them to prevent feeling anxiety, fear or uncomfortable.  I mentioned that we are not being present with what is, when we allow our mind to interpret.

How About You? 
Do you find yourself interpreting circumstances, in order make yourself feel better?

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